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Create Your Own Citation Style in RefWorks

Don't see the exact citation style that you need?  Modify an existing style, or create your own using the Output Style Editor!

RefWorks Tutorial - Output Style Editor

2 Ways to Format a Paper with In-Text Citations & Bibliography

There are 2 ways to use your RefWorks Account database references to Format a Paper with In-Text Citations & a Bibliography:

  • 'One Line/Cite View' - Quick and easy way to insert citations into your paper while online with your RefWorks account open.  See below for Step by Step instructions or an online video tutorial
  • Write n Cite download - Download and use as a plug in within your Microsoft Word software.  See below for download instructions and an online video tutorial

One Line Cite View

The Quick and Easy version to insert in-text citations from your RefWorks account and format the paper with in-text citations and a bibliography in the style of your choice

  • Okay to use with Microsoft Word, or with Google Docs and other Non-Microsoft word processing applications

Step by Step Instructions 

Downloadable Google Doc with Step by Step Instructions

RefWorks Tutorial:

Using One Line/Cite View

Write N Cite - Download to use with Microsoft Word - Mac or PC

Download the Write N Cite III application and use it within Microsoft Word (for Macs or PCs) to:

  • Format your paper with in-text citations and a bibliography in the style of your choice

ASU students and employees

Download the Write N Cite plugin appropriate to your computer and Microsoft Word version from your RefWorks Account

1) Login to your RefWorks account

2) From your RefWorks account, under Tools, choose Write-N-Cite


3) Choose the appropriate Download option for your computer and version of Microsoft Word

4) Copy the code that shows on this screen - this code will be unique to your RefWorks account and will be how the Write N Cite plugin can access your references.

5) When you install and open the Write N Cite plugin on your computer, it will ask for a personal login code.  Paste in the long string of letters and numbers that shows on your account's Write-N-Cite page.

6) If Word requests an ASU proxy server URL for Write N Cite it is:



Questions or Problems?

Try the Installtion Guide below or contact us at: 


Write N Cite Installation Guide - Troubleshooting Setup Issues

RefWorks Tutorial - Using Write N Cite IV


Step by Step Instructions: The Quick and Easy Way - One Line Cite View

The Quick and Easy Way to Use Write’n’Cite (One Line Cite View) with RefWorks Online

1. Open up your document in WORD or OpenOffice

2. Go to RefWorks and login

3. You can either work with your complete list of references or just one folder

4. Once you have the references you want to work with displayed, to select a reference to cite, click on the gold {} icon at the top right of the entry

Screen shot of RefWorks citation with gold brackets-brackets only view

Gold brackets in refworks


5. This brings up a window that looks like the image below  – click on the Select button in the Citation Viewer, then paste the code into your document in the appropriate spot (just as you would when using Write’n’Cite)

Screen shot of code in citation view pop up after clicking on gold brackets for a reference

Screen shot of code pasted into doc

6. If you want to put two or more citations in one spot in the document, on the screen above, just click on the citation brackets for the all the documents that you wish to cite --- they’ll appear, added and appropriately coded, within the window (and of course, you just cut and paste from there).

7. Once you’re finished with your document, save your document.


8. In RefWorks, click the button ‘Create Bibliography.’ 


Create bibliography button - screen shot


9. Click on:  

format paper and bib screen shot


10. This will open this option:


choose doc screen shot


11. Click, ‘Choose File,’ find the document you saved, and click ‘Open.’


12. Click ‘Create Bibliography’ – in the bottom right corner of the window


13.  You will either automatically see a file download, or you can click on a link in the box that comes up to download or email yourself the final document

completed pic screen shot 


14.  A new file will be created with the word ‘Final’ added before your document’s title.  The final document will have the in-text citations and a References list formatted according to the style you chose.  (Make sure to add page numbers to your in-text citations as needed and to add other formatting as needed for your style, such as adding space if needed so that the References list is on a separate page, the last page of the document).


formatted doc screen shot


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