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Find information about the salaries, wages, and employee benefits of various jobs. Mostly national information, but some local sources are included.

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This Salaries Subject Guide is intended for those who need to know salary information for job interviews and for those who need to set salaries, wages and benefits of employees. This is NOT a comprehensive list. This covers those titles that ASU Library receives on a regular basis for frequently requested professions or fields of employment and web sites for similar information. Several works included in the list do provide citations to more specific professions or subject fields. The abstract after each title will indicate which of these titles can be used to find surveys of specific professions. For more information on job titles, job descriptions, general salary ranges and company specific information, please use the CAREERS Bibliography.

Compensation is the newer all encompassing term for all forms of pay and perquisites, but many sources still use the older, more popular terms of Salaries or Wages for the fixed amount of monetary pay and Employee Benefits to mean the supplemental pay and additional programs such as insurance, retirement plans, and leave programs. When searching in library online catalogs, on the Internet or in the article databases, these terms have yielded the best results. For specific types of compensation, use the more specific term such has 401(K), health insurance, retirement plans, sick leave, etc.

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