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SOC 241 Modern Social Problems

Find instructions for locating newspaper articles (public attention data) on "poverty industry" topics in this guide.

How to Search LexisNexis

Step 1. Connect to LexisNexis from the Library Home Page

Image of the frequently use resources section on the library homepage. The 9th item in the list, lexis nexis, is circled in red.

Step 2. Under the Search Bar, select "Advanced Options"

Image of the LexisNexis search box. A large black arrow is pointing to the advanced options button, located underneath the search bar.

Step 3. Limit Source (Newspaper) options by typing in the names of 3 newspapers that you want to search and select the newspaper from the list that appears. If the newspaper you want does not appear, then it is not available in LexisNexis and you'll have to choose another or use another database.

Step 4. Once the sources are selected in advanced search, you can now do the search. In the search box type in Headline(your topic) to search for all newspaper articles with your social problem only in the headline of the news article.

Step 5. Sort your results from oldest to newest using the "sort" option

Step 6. On the left-hand side of the results page, you can view the breakdown in number of articles on your topic by each individual newspaper. Press the "+" button next to "newspapers" under the "Sources by category" heading. The number in parentheses next to the title indicates how many headlines about your topic have been published by that newspaper.

Top 10 Daily Newspapers

USA Today – 2,301,917

The New York Times – 2,101,611

The Wall Street Journal – 1,337,376

Los Angeles Times – 467,309

New York Post – 424,721

Chicago Tribune – 384,962

The Washington Post – 356,768

Newsday – 321,296

Daily News – 299,538

am New York – 298,759

Hours and Locations