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Special Collections: What's In Special Collections

Very Small or Large Items

Non-standard size or format materials, including extremely large or small items.


The smallest book in Special Collections, a copy of The Gettysburg Address.


One of the largest books in Special Collections, Viaje pintoresco y arqueológico sobre la parte más interesante de la República Mexicana.

Fragile Items

Rare, scarce, unusual, delicate or weak materials. These items need special preservation care that is only available in Special Collections.

Book of Hours

Book of Hours page, France, c.1300, 18 cm x 12 cm, with miniature of St. Nicholas.

Unusual Formats

Books with nonconventional shapes or structural designs, including pop-up books, artist books, and media.


After Image: Playing with Colour in All Its Dimensions,
by Barbara Hodgson & Claudia Cohen



Rare or Unique Items

Special collections includes rare and significant printed books, manuscripts, graphics, music or ephemera, including inscribed items by famous authors. An example is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, with 12 illustrations with original woodcuts and an original etching by Salvador Dali.

Gone with the Wind

A pre-production script for the movie Gone With the Wind, director Victor Fleming, Warner Brothers, 1939, 
from the Jimmy Starr Screenplay Collection.

Controversial Subjects

Graphic or print items on controversial subjects, located in Special Collections for safeguarding.

Sex Madonna

Sex, by Madonna.



Old Items

Antiquarian items, identified because of their age rather than other qualities.

Gutenberg Leaf Thumb

A significant and rare leaf from the Gutenberg Bible printed between 1450-1455. 


Manmade three-dimensional artifacts or realia, including a Sumerian Cunieform Tablet, and a piece of the Berlin Wall.

See Objects/Realia (SPEC OBJ) in the library catalog for more items in this category.


Cylinder Seal and Relief, c. 1700 B.C.E., from Anatolia, Cappadocia. The cylinder images consist of four figures, one identified as the god Shamash. Clay relief impression includes six figures, one and one-half rotations.

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