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Standards in the ASU Library: AGA-ANS: AIIM

List of available industry standards from organizations whose acronyms are between "AGA" and "ANS".

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The ASU Library's standards collection is intended for the use of ASU faculty, staff and currently enrolled students. 

Individuals not affliated with ASU who live in the Phoenix metropolitan area are welcome to come to the Noble Library on the Tempe campus to view the standards.  Items in the collection are not available for checkout or loan to other libraries; because of copyright restrictions, we do not provide photocopies or scanned copies to those unaffiliated with ASU.  

AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management)

The following AIIM standards are available in paper copy in the Noble Library on the Tempe Campus, unless noted otherwise. Standards housed in Noble are "Library use only" and are not available for checkout.

  • AIIM MS1 1998 (Recommended Practice for Alphanumeric Computer-Output Microforms-Operational Practices for Inspection and Quality Control)
  • AIIM MS4 1987 (Flowchart Symbols and Their Use in Micrographics)
  • AIIM MS5 1992,1991,1975 (Microfiche)
  • AIIM MS6 1993 (Microfilm Packaging Labeling)
  • AIIM MS8 1988 (Image Mark (Blip) Using in Image Mark Retrieval Systems)
  • AIIM MS9 1987 (Method for Measuring Thickness of Buildup area on Unitized Microfilm Carriers (Aperture, Camera, Copy, and Image Cards))
  • AIIM MS10 1987 (Method for Measuring Thickness of Buildup area on Unitized Microfilm Carriers (Aperture Cards))
  • AIIM MS11 1987 (Microfilm Jackets)
  • AIIM MS14 1996,1988 (Standard Recommended Practice - Specifications for 16mm and 35mm Roll Microfilm)
  • AIIM MS15 1990 (Dimensions and Operational Constraints for Single-core Cartridge for 16mm Processed Microfilm)
  • AIIM MS17 1992 (Micrographics-Rotary (Flow) Microfilm Camera Test Chart and Test Target-Descriptions and Use)
  • AIIM MS18 1992,1987 (Splices for Imaged film - Dimensions and Operational Constraints)
  • AIIM MS19 1993,1987 (Recommended Practice for Identification of Microforms)
  • AIIM MS20 1990 (Readers for Transparent Microforms-Performance Characteristics)
  • AIIM MS23 1998,1991 (Practice for Operational Production, Inspection, and Quality Assurance of First-Generation, Silver Microforms of Documents)
  • AIIM MS24 1980 (R1987) (Test Target for Use in Microrecording Engineering Graphics on 35mm Microfilms)
  • AIIM MS26 1990,1987 (35mm Planetary Cameras (top-light), Test Target and Procedures for Determining Illumination Uniformity of Microfilming Engineering Drawings)
  • AIIM MS28 1983 (Alphanumeric COM Quality)
  • AIIM MS29 1992,1987 (Cores and Spools for Microfilm Recording Equipment - Dimensions)
  • AIIM MS32 1985 (Microrecording of Engineering Source Documents on 35mm Microfilm)
  • AIIM MS34 1990 (Dimensions for Reels Used for 16mm and 35mm Microfilm)
  • AIIM MS35 1987 (Requirements and Characteristics of Original Black and White Documents That May Be Microfilmed)
  • AIIM MS36 1990,1987 (Reader-Printers for transparent Microforms-Performance Characteristics)
  • AIIM MS37 1988 (Recommended Practice for Microphotography of Cartographic Materials)
  • AIIM MS38 1995,1987 (Practice for the Microrecording of Engineering Graphics - Computer-Output Microfilm)
  • AIIM MS39 1987 (Recommended Practice fo Operational Procedures, Quality Control and Inspection of Graphic computer-Output Microforms)
  • AIIM MS40 1987 (Microfilm Computer Assisted Retrieval (CAR) Interface Commands)
  • AIIM MS41 1988 (Unitized Microfilm Carriers (Aperture, Camera, Copy, and Image Cards))
  • AIIM MS42 1989 (Recommended Practice for the Expungement, Deletion, Correction, or Amendment of Records on Microforms)
  • AIIM MS43 1988 (Recommended Practice for Operational Procedures/Inspection and Quality Control of Duplicate Microforms of Documents and From COM)
  • AIIM MS44 1988 (Recommended Practice for Quality Control of Image Scanners)
  • AIIM MS45 1990 (Recommended Practice for Inspection of Stored Silver Gelatin Microforms for Evidence of Deterioration)
  • AIIM MS46 1990 (Test Procedure for Duplicating 35mm Diazo Microfilm Aperture Cards)
  • AIIM MS48 1990 (Recommended Practice for Microfilming Public Records on Silver-Halide Film)
  • AIIM MS49 1993 (Standard Recommended Practice - Monitoring Image Quality of Roll Microfilm and Microfiche Scanners)
  • AIIM MS50 1994 (Standard Recommended Practice - Monitoring Image Quality of Aperture Card Film Image Scanners)
  • AIIM MS52 1991 (Recommended Practice for the Requirements and Characteristics of Documents Intended for Optical Scanning)
  • AIIM MS53 1993 (Standard Recommended Practice - File Format for Storage and Exchange of Images - Bi-Level Image File Format: Part 1)
  • AIIM MS54 1993 (Graphic Symbols for Controls on Document Imaging Equipment)
  • AIIM MS55 1994 (Standard Recommended Practice for the Identification and Indexing of Page Components (Zones) for Automated Processing in an Electronic Image Management (EIM) Environment)
  • AIIM MS60 1996 (Electronic Folder Interchange Datastream)
  • AIIM MS111 1994,1987 (Microfilming Printed Newspapers on 35mm Roll Microfilm)

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