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Standards in the ASU Library: AS-AWWA: ATIS

List of available industry standards from organizations whose acronyms are between "AS" and "AWWA".
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The ASU Library's standards collection is intended for the use of ASU faculty, staff and currently enrolled students. 

Individuals not affliated with ASU who live in the Phoenix metropolitan area are welcome to come to the Noble Library on the Tempe campus to view the standards.  Items in the collection are not available for checkout or loan to other libraries; because of copyright restrictions, we do not provide photocopies or scanned copies to those unaffiliated with ASU.  

ATIS (Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions)

The following ATIS standards are available in paper copy in the Noble Library on the Tempe Campus, unless noted otherwise. Standards housed in Noble are "Library use only" and are not available for checkout.

  • ATIS 0100005 2006 (Auditory Non-Intrusive Quality Estimation Plus (Anique+): Perceptual Model for Non-Instrusive Estimation of Narrow-Band Speech Quality)
  • ATIS 0100009 2008 (Overview of Standards in Support of emergency Telecommunications Service (ETS))
  • ATIS 0100012 2007 (Standard Outage Classification)
  • ATIS 0100016 2007 (Ened-to-end Service Availability: General Definition)
  • ATIS 0100017 2008 (Pre-Pub) (Reduced Reference Video Calibration Estimation Method)
  • ATIS 0300003 2005 (XML Schema Interface for Fault Mangement (Trouble Administration))
  • ATIS 0300208 2008 (Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning (OAM&P) - Upper-Layer Protocols for Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) Interfaces, A and X Interfaces)
  • ATIS 0300227 2008 (Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning (OAM&P) - Interfaces between Operations Systems across Jurisdictional Boundaries to Support Fault Management (Trouble Administration)
  • ATIS 0300255 2008 (In -Service, Non-Instrusive Measurement Device (INMD) - Methodology for Applying INMD Measurements to Customer Opinion Models)
  • ATIS 0300074 2006 (Guidelines and Requirements for Security Management)
  • ATIS 0500002 2008 (Emergency Services Messaging Interface (ESMI))
  • ATIS 0500006 2008 (Emergency Information Services Interfaces (EISI) ALI Service)
  • ATIS 0500007 2008 (Emergency Information Services Interfaces (EISI) Implemented with Web Services)
  • ATIS 0600010 2007 (Pre-Pub) (Temperature, Humidity & Altitude Standards)
  • ATIS 0600015 2009 (Energy Efficiency for Telecommunication Equipment: Methodology for Measurement and Reporting - General Requirements)
  • ATIS 0600015.01 2009 (Energy Efficiency for Telecommunications Equipment: Methodology for Measurement and Reporting - Server Requirements)
  • ATIS 0600015.02 2009 (Energy Efficiency for Telecommunication Equipment: Methodology for Measurement & Reporting - Transport Requirements)
  • ATIS 0600308 2008 (Central Office Equipment- Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Requirements)
  • ATIS 0600319 2008 (Pre-Pub) (Equipment Assemblies - Fire Propagation Risk Assessment Criteria)
  • ATIS 0600328 2007 (Protection of Telecommunications Links from Physical Stress and Radiation Effects and Associated Requirements for DC Power Systems (A Baseline Standard))
  • ATIS 0900002 2009 (Pre-Pub) (Synchronization Standard - Physical Interconnection for Ethernet-Based Timing Distribution)
  • ATIS 0900105 2008 (Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) - Basic Description Including Multiplex Structure, Rates and Formats)
  • ATIS O 5.3 2008 (Solid Sawn-Wood Crossarms & Braces - Specifications & Dimensions)
  • ATIS PP 0600010 2007 (Temperature, Humidity and Altitude Standards)
  • ATIS T 1.202 2004
  • ATIS T 1.307 2003
  • ATIS T 1.317 2008 (Uniform Language for Accessing Power Plants - Human-Machine Language)
  • ATIS T 1.336 2003
  • ATIS T 1.337 2004
  • ATIS T 1.424 2004
  • ATIS T 1.508 2008, 2003 (Loss Plan for Digital Networks)
  • ATIS T 1.511 2008, 2003 (B-ISDN ATM Layer Cell Transfer Performance)
  • ATIS T 1.513 2003
  • ATIS T 1.678 2004

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