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Standards in the ASU Library: ANSI: ANSI-Y

List of available ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standards. (For standards issued by another organization, even if approved by ANSI, see the other organization.)

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The ASU Library's standards collection is intended for the use of ASU faculty, staff and currently enrolled students. 

Individuals not affliated with ASU who live in the Phoenix metropolitan area are welcome to come to the Noble Science and Engineering Library on the Tempe campus to view the standards.  Items in the collection are not available for checkout or loan to other libraries; because of copyright restrictions, we do not provide photocopies or scanned copies to those unaffiliated with ASU.  


The following ANSI Y standards are available in paper copy in the Noble Science & Engineering Library on the Tempe Campus, unless noted otherwise. Standards housed in Noble are "Library use only" and are not available for checkout.

Y 1.1 1972 (ASME Y1.1 1972)(Abbreviations for use on Drawings and In Text)

Y 10.1 1972 (Filed Under ASME Y10.1 1972)(Glossary of Terms Concerning Letter Symbols)

Y 10.2 1958 (Filed Under ASME Y10.2 1958)(Letter Symbols for Hydraulics)

Y 10.4 1982, 1957 (Filed Under ASME Y10.4 1957)(Letter Symbols for Heat and Thermodynamics)

Y 10.7 1954 (Filed Under ASME Y10.7 1954)(Letter Symbols for Aeronautical Sciences)

Y 10.8 1962 (Filed Under ASME Y10.8 1962)(Letter Symbols for Structural Analysis)

Y 10.10 1953 (Filed Under ASME Y10.10 1953)(Letter Symbols for Meteorology)

Y 10.12 1955 (Filed Under ASME Y10.12 1955)(Letter Symbols for Chemical Engineering)

Y 10.14 1959 (Filed Under ASME Y10.14 1959)(Letter Symbols for Rocket Propulsion)

Y 10.15 1958 (Filed Under ASME Y10.15 1958)(Letter Symbols for Petroleum Reservoir Engineering and Electric Logging)

Y 10.16 1964 (Filed Under ASME Y10.16 1964)(Letter Symbols for Shell Theory)

Y 10.17 1961 (Filed Under ASME Y10.17 1961)(Guide for Selecting Greek Letters Used as Letter Symbols for Engineering Mathematics)

Y 10.18 1967 (ASME Y10.18 1967)(Letter Symbols for Illuminating Engineering)

Y 10.19 1969 (Filed Under ASME Y10.19 1969)(Letter Symbols for Units Used in Science and Technology)

Y 10.20 1975 (Filed Under ASME Y10.20 1975)(Mathematical Signs and Symbols for Use in Physical Sciences and Technology)

Y 14 Report No.1 (Filed Under ASME Y14 Report No.1)(Digital Representation of Physical Object Shapes)

Y 14 Report No.2 (Filed Under ASME Y14 Report No.2)(Guideline for Documenting of Computer Systems  Used in Computer Aided Preparation of Product Definition Data)

Y 14 Report No. 3 (Filed Under ASME Y14 Report No.3)(Guideline for Documenting of Computer Systems  Used in Computer Aided Preparation of Product Definition Data)

Y 14.1 1980, 1975 (Filed Under ASME Y14.1 1980)(Drawing Sheet Size and Format)

Y 14.2 1973 (Filed Under ASME Y14.2 1973)(Line Conventions and Lettering)

Y 14.2M 1979 (Filed Under ASME Y14.2M 1979)(Line conventions and Lettering)

Y 14.3 1975 (Filed Under ASME Y14.3 1975)(Multi and Sectional View Drawings)

Y 14.3M 1994 (Filed Under ASME Y14.3 1994)(Multi and Sectional View Drawings)

Y 14.4 1957 (Filed Under ASME Y14.4 1957)(Section 4 Pictorial Drawing)

Y 14.5 1973 (Filed Under ASME Y14.5M 1973)(Dimensioning and Tolerancing)

Y 14.5M 1994, 1982 (Filed Under ASME Y14.5.1 1994)(Mathematical Definition of Dimensioning and Tolerancing Principles)

Y 14.6 1978, 1957 (Filed Under ASME Y14.6 1957)(Screw Threads)

Y 14.6aM 1981 (Filed Under ASME Y14.6aM 1981)(Screw Thread Representations (Metric Supplement))

Y 14.7 1958 (Filed Under ASME Y14.7 1958)(Gears, Splines, and Serrations)

Y 14.7.1 1971 (Filed Under ASME Y14.7.1 1971)(Gear Drawing Standards- Part 1 for Spur, Helical, Double Helical, and Rack)

Y 14.7.2 1978 (Filed Under ASME Y14.7.2 1978)(Gear and Spline Drawing Standards Part 2- Bevel and Hypoid Gears)

Y 14.9 1958 (Filed Under ASME Y14.9 1958)(Forgings)

Y 14.15.a 1971 (Filed Under ASME Y14.15a 1971)(Interconnection Diagrams)

Y 14.36 1978 (Filed Under ASME Y14.36 1978)(Surface Texture Symbols)

Y 15.1 1965 (Filed Under ASME Y15.1 1959)(Illustrations for Publication and Projection)

Y 15.1M 1979 (Filed Under ASME Y15.1M 1979)(Illustrations for Publication and Projection)

Y 15.2 1960 (Filed Under ASME Y15.2 1960)(Time-Series Charts)

Y 15.2M 1979 (Filed Under ASME Y15.2M 1979)(Time Series Charts)

Y 15.3 1974 (Filed Under ASME Y15.3 1974)(Operation and Flow Process Charts)

Y 15.3M 1979 (Filed Under ASME Y15.3M 1979)(Process Charts)

Y 32.2.4 1949 (Filed Under ASME Z32.2.4 1949)(Graphical Symbols for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning)

Y 32.2.6 1950 (Filed Under ASME Z32.2.6 1950)(Graphical Symbols for Heat Power Apparatus)

Y 32.4 1977 (Filed Under ASME Y32.4 1977)(Graphic Symbols for Plumbing Fixtures for Diagrams Used in Architecture and Building Construction)

Y 32.7 1972 (Filed Under ASME Y32.7 1972)(Graphic Symbols for Railroad Maps and Profiles)

Y 32.9 1972 (Filed Under ASME Y32.9 1972)(Graphic Symbols for Electrical Wiring and Layout Diagrams used in Architecture and Construction)

Y 32.10 1969 (Filed Under ASME Y32.10 1967)(Graphic Symbols for Fluid Power Diagrams)

Y 32.11 1961 (Filed Under ASME Y32.11 1961)(Graphical Symbols for Process Flow Diagrams)

Y 32.12 1960 (Filed Under ASME Y32.12 1960)(Metallizing Symbols)

Y 32.14 1973 (Filed Under ASME Y32.14 1973)(Graphic Symbols for Logic Diagrams (Two State Devices))

Y 32.16 1975 (Filed Under ASME Y32.16 1975)(Reference Designations for Electrical and Electronics Parts and Equipment)

Y 32.16a 1970 (Filed Under ASME Y32.16a 1970)(Reference Designations for Electrical and Electronics Parts and Equipment)

Y 32.18 1972(Filed Under ASME Y32.18 1972)(Symbols for Mechanical and Acoustical Elements as Used in Schematic Diagrams)

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