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UNI 270


Discussion Board Post: Research Article

In UNI 270 you will have an opportunity to study the career trends in a career of interest to you.  In other words, you'll be learning about the current methods, devices, strategies, discussions, etc. in a career area that you're considering. In order to learn about the trends, you'll be conducting research on a career area and presenting this research to the class. To prepare you for this presentation post your responses to the questions/statements below, 

  1. What is your career Interest area for this assignment? 
  2. List the names of three peer-reviewed journals related to this field. 
  3. Which of these journals are available through the ASU Libraries? 
  4. What do you expect some of the current trends/hot topics in this field to be? 
  5. Which of these topics would like to research/study for this assignment and why? 

Research Article Reflection

Students will choose an article that applies to their current career of interest. Students will utilize ASU Library databases as practiced in class to research and identify an article of interest for the assignment. The article must be from 2015 or more recent from peer-reviewed, scholarly journal.  

During your final presentation, you will BRIEFLY discuss your article with answers the following questions:

  1. What were the most important points or findings, from the article?
  2. What evidence do the authors present to back up their findings?
  3. How do these findings, or this topic in general, relate to your own path in this career?
  4. What else did you find useful or interesting from the article?

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