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ASU101: Fulton Schools of Engineering

Introduction to the ASU Library resources, services and spaces for engineering students

There's a library guide for your subject area ...

Finding information can be easy when you know where to look!    Whether you are writing a short paper for English 102, a PhD dissertation, or just looking for a specific piece of data, there's a library guide to help you find the necessary information.

Library guides are available for:

  • Subject areas
    Yes, there's a guide for each area of engineering!
  • ASU courses and their assignments
  • How to use a specific database or how to do a specific information task
  • Resources for our current exhibits and more!


To find the library guides, go to or start at the Libraries home page ( and click on "Find" and then scroll down to the Research and Course Guides link or conversely you can search from them by clicking on the dropdown menu on the center Library One Search, search bar:


Hours and Locations