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Earth Sciences

Research guide for library and internet information resources in the Earth Sciences.


Preprint Servers

Preprint servers are online repositories that contain early versions of scientific articles prior to formal peer review. These types of repositories allow scientists to share their research quickly and often free of charge. Repositories may also include postprints, versions of manuscripts that have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication but have not been typeset and formatted by the journal.

How to Create an Effective Search in an Article-Indexing Database

  1. Write the topic in one simple sentence or as a simple question.

    Example: How can airplane cockpit design be improved?

  2. Divide the sentence into concepts.

    Concept #1: airplane
    Concept #2: cockpit
    Concept #3: design

  3. For each concept, determine synonyms, acronyms, abbreviations, spelling variations.

    Concept #1: airplane, aeroplane
    Concept #2: cockpit
    Concept #3: design

  4. For each concept, place the keywords within parentheses and separate by "OR".

    Concept #1: (airplane or aeroplane)
    Concept #2: (cockpit)
    Concept #3: (design)

  5. Combine the concepts into one search statement separating the concepts by "AND".

    (airplane or aeroplane) and (cockpit) and (design)

  6. Refine the strategy as new/better terminology is discovered via database searching.

    For example, in the EI Compendex database, the term "aircraft" is used instead of airplane. 

  7. Repeat the search with the new terminology.

    (airplane or aeroplane or aircraft) and (cockpit) and (design)

  8. Refine the search as many times as needed.

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