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New York Times Group Pass

This guide explains how to create an account to use the library's subscription to the New York Times.

New York Times Group Pass

Arizona State University Library provides access to for all current students, staff, and faculty members through a Group Pass. ASU users must initially register for Academic Group Pass account through a campus authenticated link, i.e. users must Sign-In to their ASU account, and by following these steps.  

  1. Click on this link
  2. Choose if you are on campus or off campus.
    1. If you are off campus, click on the big blue “GO” button
    2. If you are on campus, click the hyper-link “here”
  3. You will be taken to the create a new account page (It doesn’t matter if you’re renewing or creating a new account, please use the “Create Account” button)
  4. Use the Continue with Google button.
  5. Creating account or Signing in.
    1. If your ASU email ( is already saved, select it!
    2. If it asks for a Gmail address (or if you have a different email address saved), input your ASU email address ( NOT your alias!
  6. You will be taken to a myASU login page. Please sign in as if you were signing in to myASU.
  7. When you see START YOUR ACCESS, *Students* registering for their passes will be asked to provide an anticipated graduation date and will not have to re-authenticate for their pass until that date. *Faculty/staff* passes are good for 364 days, and then will need to be renewed.
  8. Once your account is renewed you won’t need to use the link in the guide until you need to renew; instead, use the normal link from any location.
  •       Also, included in the pass is access to the NYTimes smartphone apps (iPhone, Android, Windows). To Download free mobile apps, visit
  •       Please keep in mind that faculty/staff passes are only valid for 364 days while student passes are valid until a student’s anticipated graduation date.
  •        Unfortunately, the tablet apps are not included in this access. Tablet users may instead access the web site using a browser. 

Historical Material:

  •  To access TIMESMachine for pdf scans of 1851-2002 articles, go to Sections--More--Tools & Services-- TimesMachine              
  •   Archives from 1923-1980 are limited to 5 articles per day per user.                                                                                               

**If you have any questions or issues regarding registration or renewal of group pass, please contact us at** 

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