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Exercise and Wellness: Article Databases

A guide to research and resources in health promotion, healthy lifestyles, wellness, and sport science.

Best Research Databases for Exercise and Wellness

Best ASU Research Databases for Exercise and Wellness

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PubMed About the resource | Open Access Resarch Database!  Search for a topic to retrieve journal citations and abstracts  covering biomedicine and health, broadly defined to encompass those areas of the life sciences, behavioral sciences, chemical sciences, and bioengineering needed by health professionals and others engaged in basic research and clinical care, public health, health policy development, or related educational activities. MEDLINE also covers life sciences vital to biomedical practitioners, researchers, and educators, including aspects of biology, environmental science, marine biology, plant and animal science as well as biophysics and chemistry. Increased coverage of life sciences began in 2000.


CINAHL - About the resource  | Search a topic and retrieve journal citations covering nursing and allied heatlh journal literature  | Useful allied health areas include Athletic Training, Nutrition and Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy and Rehabiliation. (Cumulative Index for Nursing and Allied Health Literature)

Cochrane Library  - About the resource A best evidence database |  Search your topic to find a full-text Cochrane Systematic Review (see "What is a CSR" in left column of this page) OR search to find a journal citation & abstact of a systematic review not yet done by Cochrane, but quality assessed OR  search to find a journal citation & abstract of a clinical trial taken from research databases i.e PubMed or EMBASE, published, and unpublished sources, i.e. conference proceedings.

MedlinePlus - About the resource  | Search a topic in English or Spanish and retrieve the most authoritative consumer health information gathered from trusted sources. It's "one stop" shopping since your search retrieves/links to the bestconsumer health information from all the major health associations, i.e. American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association.|  Just like PubMed, MedlinePlus is developled by  National Institutes of Health and Medical Library Association| 

Physical Education Index -  About the resource | Search to retrieve journal citations on the topics covering biomechanics, kinesiology, coaching, curriculum, dance, health, history, law, measurement-evaluation, motor learning, patients pertaining to sporting goods and exercise equipment, perception, philosophy, physical education, physical fitness, physical therapy, recreation, research, sports activities, sports psychology, sport sociology, sports, sports medicince, teaching methods, and training.   

PsycInfo - About the resource |  Search a topic to retrieve journal citations and abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertation, and technical reports across the behavorial and social sciences.

SPORTS Discus- About the resource Search a topic to retrieve journal citations and abstracts coverig all areas of sport, physical fitness, exercise, sports medicine, physical education & training. Full-text contains content from books, book chapters, conference proceedings, and journal & magazaine articles.

 Web Of Science  - About the resource Search a topic to retrieve journal and conference proceedings citations and abstracts with cross-disciplinary coverage across sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.  

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