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A guide to finding information on trademarks such as fees, forms, terms and searching techniques for both U.S. and International trademarks.


Be sure to check out the  What to Look For in Trademark Searching page before starting your trademark search in the following databases/resources.

A thorough trademark word search covers:

Where to Search for International Trademarks (words)

Where to Search for U.S. Trademarks (words)

Over 3 million active, pending, and dead marks can be search by using the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's TESS (Trademark Electronic Search System) database. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office registers trademarks only, not trade names. Names of businesses and corporations are registered in the state(s) in which they do business.

  1. TESS 
    Contains all live marks, and dead marks from 1985 to present; dead marks prior to 1985 are not in this database.

    Once in the database, click on the blue HELP button for detailed instructions on using the database.
    See also:

Where to Search for Arizona Trademarks and Tradenames (words)

States register both trademarks (marks on products and services) and trade names (names of businesses). In Arizona, there are two agencies that maintain trademark and/or tradename information, the Arizona Secretary of State and the Arizona Corporation Commission. The Trademark and Tradename Database contains all partnerships, trade names and trademarks on file with the Secretary of State, as well as corporations and limited liability companies (LLC) on file with the Corporation Division of the Corporation Commission.

  1. AZ Trademarks and Tradenames Database 

Where to Search for Other States' Trademarks and/or Tradenames (words)

States register both trademarks (marks on products and services) and trade names (names of businesses).   Many states use the Secretary of State's office for registration of trademarks and/or trade names; in other states, it may be handled by a department for commerce or corporation. To find the appropriate state agency use:

  1. State Trademark and Trade Name Information
    List maintained by the Idaho, Secretary of State; some states may not have an online database of marks/names.

Where to Search for Internet Domain Names (words)

The "Who Is" database will find Internet Domain Names by keyword. As of April 2008, over 94 million names are registered.

  1. WhoIs.Net

Where to Search for Common Law (non-Registered) Trademarks and Tradenames (words)

Some trademarks are in use but are not registered; these are referred to as "common law" trademarks. To find common law trademarks search business and telephone directories that available for free on the Internet and also those that are only available via Libraries. Also use regular Internet search engines such as Google to look for use of the mark.

Examples of library business databases (require subscription for access, check with your local library for availability):

  1. Mergent Intellect
  2. Reference USA
    Not available at ASU, check with local public libraries.

Examples of free Internet sources:

  2. Thomas.Net
  3. Sweets Network

Examples of Internet search engines:

  2. Bing
  3. Blekko (for tablets, try the IZIK app)
  4. Clusty
  5. DogPile
  6. Google

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