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Folklore and Story

A guide to research in folklore and story telling.

Motif Index Online!

How to Use the Motif Index Online

When you have brough up the "Motif Index" on your computer from "Past Masters:"

1.  Start with "Volume 6: Index" (in the left column, bottom)

2.  You will have three options.  Select the link to "Index."

3.  Use the alphabetical list on the left to navigate to the areas you are interested in.

4.  Scroll through the list until you find the terms you are looking for.

5.  Find descriptions you are interested in and link to the code numbers given (e.g. "A2471.1 why dogs look at each other under the tail").

6.  Make note of the abbreviation for the source of the story (e.g. "Sébillot RTP ii 433; England, U.S.: Baughman").

7.  In the left column, navigate to Volume 1 "Frontmatter" and expand.

8.  Link to "Bibliography and Abbreviations" and look up the authors in the abbreviated title (e.g., Baughman).

9.  Look up the book title in the ASU Library Catalog or Google Books.


Motif Classification Document

Primary Sources for Folklore

The world's published literature on folklore has been extensively collected, cataloged and classified. All of the sources below provide access to folk tales.


The Types of International Folktales: A Classification and Bibliography (Uther)

GR 1 .F55 West Stacks, Fletcher Library

An 2004 update of the classic Motif-Index of Folk Literature.  


Motif - Index of Folk Literature (Thompson)
GR 72.56 .T48 1989 West Stacks, 6 vols.


Subtitle: "A Classification of Narrative Elements in Folktales, Ballads, Myths, Fables, and Mediaeval Romances, Exempla, Fabliaux, Jest-Books & Local Legends."


Type & Motif Index of the Folktales of England and North America (Baughman)
GR 67.B3 West Stacks

An index & motif classification of English and North American folktales.


A Guide to Folktales in the English Language
GR 74.6 .A84x West Stacks

Another motif index to English language folktales. Good for giving variations.


A Dictionary of British Folk-Tales in the English Language, 2 vols.
GR 141.B69 West Stacks, 2 vols.
Contains summaries of tales. Also has a tale-type index and an index to story titles.


Index to Fairy Tales 1949-1986: Including Folklore, Legends, and Myths in Collections, 3 vols.
PN 3437 .I7x 1985 West Stacks and

GR550 .s67x 1994 West Stacks

An index to collections of fairy tales and folklore from books published between 1949 1986. The index is by subject and title.


Dictionary of Chicano Folklore
GR 111 .M49 C37 2000 West Ref


South Asian Folklore: An Encyclopedia
GR 302 .S68 2003 West Stacks


African Folklore: An Encyclopedia
GR 350 .A33 2004 West Stacks


Folk Tales Online

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