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Poster Session Preparation

Tri-Fold Presentation Boards and Title Boards

Many poster sessions for course assignments rely on the use of tri-fold presentation boards, sometimes referred to as Science Fair poster boards.

These boards have standard measurements of 3' x 4' (36" tall, 48" wide).  

Boards can be corrugated cardboard, or "foam board", and come in a variety of colors.  There are more color options for corrugated boards, while foam boards are usually limited to black and white.  Corrugated boards are less expensive than foam.

Generally, a black board will present a more powerful and professional image than a color board, or even white.

Most office supply, craft, art supply/hobby shops, and even big box and some grocery stores sell presentation boards.  Prices vary widely.  One way to save on the expense in Phoenix area is to wait for a discount coupon from Michael's Craft stores which regularly offers coupons for 40% discount on one item.

Sample Illustrations of Presentation Boards                                           

You can extend the display area and the visual impact of your poster by using a title board.

Title boards provide rigidity to the poster by spanning the center section and interlocking with the side panels.  The additional space a title board provides is perfect for title, presenter/affiliation detail, and even illustrative graphics.

Title Board Image

Title Board Illustration

Pre-cut title boards are less readily available in retail stores, and tend to be expensive.  But you can manufacture your own at very low cost from a plain sheet of corrugation or foam board.

Basic dimensions for a title board are:   36" x 10"    Cuts in the bottom are about 4" from each end, and about 2" deep.  The cuts should be as wide as the thickness of your board, or perhaps a smidgen narrower so they are snug.


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