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CHE 432: Principles of Chemical Engineering Design

Library and internet resources for CHE 432 assignments.


The following resources provide "market reports" that tell you how an industry is doing.  Each of these resources are different in the type and amount of data they provide.  Some will only discuss the chemical industry as a whole while others will break down chemistry into more specific areas such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, foodstuffs, etc.  

The resources are:

American Chemistry Council

American Chemistry Council 
Promotes the chemical industry by providing economic information to legislaters, news media and the public.  Some of the data is freely available on it's website and some snippets are summarized in Chemical Engineering's Economic Indicators column.  Explore the sections "Jobs" and "Products and Technology" to find most of the free data. 

ABI/Inform: Data & Reports Search

ABI/Inform: Data & Reports Search
The ABI/Inform database can be limited to just finding business data and market reports.  Instead of using the Basic or Advanced Search options, choose the "Data & Report" Search from the list of options near the top of the screen.  Put the name of the specific chemical (ex. benzene) or chemical group  (petrochemicals) in the search box and then select the types of company or market reports you want to see. 

First Research

First Research

After clicking on a few links to get past the introductory screens, you'll land on the "Search Industry and Geographic Profiles" page in which you may enter a keyword or NAICS code for the industry in the search box OR you can click on the browse button underneath the search box and browse by either subject menus or an alphabetical list.    

Information in the Industry Profiles includes: 

  • Industry Overview
  • Quarterly Industry Update
  • Industry Forecast
  • Critical Issues
  • Business Challenges
  • Business Trends
  • Industry Opportunities
  • Executive Insight
  • Financial Information
  • Links to profiles from related industries


Manufacturing and Distribution USA

Manufacturing and Distribution USA 

Select the 2013 edition to work with.  Once that edition opens, you can use the search box in the left-hand column to search by keywords or NAICS code; below the search box check the option "all volumes within this edition."

Entries include:

  • General Statistics
  • Indices of Change
  • Selected Ratios
  • Leading Companies
  • Materials Consumed 
  • Product Share Details
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Occupations Employed within this Industry
  • Locations by State and Regional Concentration
  • Industry Data by State

Mergent Online: Industry Reports

Once in the database, click on the blue "Report Search" tab near the top of the screen.  On the next screen select the "Industry Reports" link just below the blue bar. Select the appropriate industry group and click the gray "Search" button to the right side of the screen.  You'll retrieve a list of reports on that industry for the past several years. 

For each entry in the list, the full report (in PDF) is listed in the far right-hand column while a short overview of key points can be seen by click on the "view' link in the second column from the right. 

The full report contains sections on:

  • Current Environment
  • Industry Profile
  • Market Trends and Outlook

S&P: NetAdvantage

S&P: NetAdvantage 
Once in the database, click on the "Industries" link in the dark blue navigation bar.  Select the appropriate industry and click on either the html or the pdf link for the report. 

Each report includes: 

  • Current Environment
  • Industry Profile
  • How the Industry Operatres
  • Key Industry Ratios and Statistics
  • How to Analyze a Company within this Industry
  • Industry References (Associations, Government Agenices, etc.)
  • Comparative Company Analysis 


NAICS is a 6-digit code used in business resources to represent a specific industry.  To find a NAICS code use ...

North American Industrial Classification System
Use the search boxes in the left-hand column to search by keyword.  In the right-hand column will appear the closest category with cross-references to related categories.  

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