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ENG 691: Experimental Writing, 20th and 21st Century: Identifying Books

Using the ASU Library Catalog to Identify Books

The below hyperlinks were created from our ASU Library One Search - specifically the ASU Library Catalog (Advanced Search Screen) scope.

Hyperlinked Subject Terms Searches

Altered books

Artists' books

Artists' books--19th century

Artists' books--20th century

Artists' books--21st century

Artists' books--England

Artists' books--France

Artists' books--Germany

Artists' books--United States

Artists' illustrated books

Book cover art

Book covers

Book design

Book design--History

Books and reading in art

Choose-your-own stories


Ciphers in literature

Computer poetry

Concrete poetry

Concrete poetry, American

Concrete poetry, English

Concrete poetry--History and criticism

Cut-ups (Literary form)

Die cutting


Epitaphs in literature

Experimental fiction

Experimental fiction -- History and criticism

Experimental fiction, American

Experimental fiction, American -- History and criticism

Experimental fiction, Arabic

Experimental fiction, Argentine

Experimental fiction, Brazilian

Experimental fiction, Canadian

Experimental fiction, English

Experimental fiction, English -- History and criticism

Experimental fiction, French

Experimental fiction, French -- History and criticism

Experimental fiction, Japanese

Experimental fiction, Latin American

Experimental fiction, Russian

Experimental fiction, Soviet

Experimental fiction, Spanish

Experimental fiction, Spanish American

Experimental poetry

Experimental poetry -- History and criticism

Experimental poetry, American

Experimental poetry, American -- History and criticism

Experimental poetry, Argentine

Experimental poetry, Brazilian

Experimental poetry, Canadian

Experimental poetry, Chinese

Experimental poetry, Cuban

Experimental poetry, English

Experimental poetry, Italian

Experimental poetry, Korean

Experimental poetry, Peruvian

Experimental poetry, Russian

Experimental poetry, Spanish

Experimental poetry, Spanish American

Fine books

Human body and technology in literature

Hypertext fiction

Hypertext literature

Hypertext literature, European

Hypertext poetry


Letterpress printing

Limited editions

Literature and technology

Literature, Experimental

Literature, Experimental -- History and criticism

Literature, Modern

Literature, Modern--19th century

Literature, Modern--19th century--History and criticism

Literature, Modern--20th century

Literature, Modern--20th century--Bio-bibliography

Literature, Modern--20th century--Book reviews

Literature, Modern--20th century--History and criticism

Literature, Modern--20th century--History and criticism--Periodicals

Literature, Modern--20th century--Periodicals

Literature, Modern--20th century--Translations

Literature, Modern--21st century

Literature, Modern--21st century--Periodicals

Literature, Modern--Appreciation

Literature, Modern--History and criticism--Congresses

Literature, Modern--History and criticism--Periodicals

Literature, Modern--History and criticism--Theory, etc

Literature, Modern--Periodicals

Little magazines

Miniature books

Miniature books--Specimens

Modernism (Literature)

Modernism (Literature)--Arab countries

Modernism (Literature)--Brazil

Modernism (Literature)--China

Modernism (Literature)--England

Modernism (Literature)--English-speaking countries

Modernism (Literature)--Europe

Modernism (Literature)--France

Modernism (Literature)--Germany

Modernism (Literature)--Great Britain

Modernism (Literature)--India

Modernism (Literature)--Ireland

Modernism (Literature)--Italy

Modernism (Literature)--Korea

Modernism (Literature)--Latin America

Modernism (Literature)--Poland

Modernism (Literature)--Spain

Modernism (Literature)--United States

Originality in literature


Pop-up books

Pop-up books--Specimens

Postmodernism (Literature)

Postmodernism (Literature)--English-speaking countries

Postmodernism (Literature)--Great Britain

Postmodernism (Literature)--Ireland

Postmodernism (Literature)--Latin America

Postmodernism (Literature)--Russia (Federation)

Postmodernism (Literature)--United States

Post-postmodernism (Literature)


Private press books

Private presses

Sound effects books

Sound effects books--Specimens

Sound poetry

Technology and civilization in literature

Technology in literature

Toy and movable books

Toy and movable books--Specimens

Visual literature

Visual poetry

Visual poetry, American

Visual poetry, Canadian

Visual poetry, English

Visual poetry--History and criticism

Hyperlinked Author Searches

Kathy Acker (1948-1997):
Author · Subject

Peter Ackroyd (1949-):
Author · Subject

Martin Amis [1949-]:
Author · Subject

J. G. Ballard (1930-2009):
Author · Subject

Julian Barnes [1946- ]:
Author · Subject

Lynda Barry (1956- ):
Author · Subject

Donald Barthelme [1931-1989]:
Author · Subject

Samuel Beckett (1906-1989):
Author · Subject

Jane Bowles (1917-1973):
Author · Subject

Christine Brooke-Rose (1923-2012):
Author · Subject

Anthony Burgess (1917-1993):
Author · Subject

William Burroughs (1914-1997):
Author · Subject

Italo Calvino [1923-1985]:
Author · Subject

Anne Carson (1950- ):
Author · Subject

Joseph Conrad (1857-1924):
Author · Subject

Robert Coover [1932- ]:
Author · Subject

Juliio Cortázar [1914-1984]:
Author · Subject

Stephen Dixon (1936-2019]:
Author · Subject

Ian Hamilton Finlay [1925-2006]:
Author · Subject

Jonathan Safran Foer (1977- ):
Author · Subject

Ford Madox Ford (1873-1939):
Author · Subject

William H. Gass [1924-2017]:
Author · Subject

Alasdair Gray [1934- ]:
Author · Subject

Henry Green (1905-1973):
Author · Subject

Brion Gysin [1916-1986]:
Author · Subject

Stewart Home (1962- ):
Author · Subject

B. S. Johnson, (Bryan Stanley), (1933-1973):
Author · Subject

Gabriel Josipovici (1940- ):
Author · Subject

James Joyce (1882-1941):
Author · Subject

Paul Kingsnorth [1972- ]:
Author · Subject

D. H. Lawrence, (David Herbert), (1885-1930):
Author · Subject

Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957):
Author · Subject

David Markson [1927-2010]:
Author · Subject

Harry Mathews (1930-2017):
Author · Subject

Eimear McBride [1976- ]:
Author · Subject

Tom McCarthy (1969- ):
Author · Subject

George Meredith (1828-1909):
Author · Subject

David Mitchell, (David Stephen), [1969- ]:
Author · Subject

Nick Montfort :
Author · Subject

Flann O'Brien (1911-1966):
Author · Subject

David Peace [1967- ]:
Author · Subject

Bridget Penney (1964- ):
Author · Subject

Tom Phillips (1937- ):
Author · Subject

Ezra Pound (1885-1972):
Author · Subject

Barbara Pym [1913-1980]:
Author · Subject

Thomas Pynchon [1937- ]:
Author · Subject

Ann Quin [1936-1973]:
Author · Subject

Jean Rhys [1894-1979]:
Author · Subject

Dorothy M. Richardson, (Dorothy Miller) (1873-1957):
Author · Subject

Salman Rushdie [1947- ]:
Author · Subject

Marc Saporta (1923- ]:
Author · Subject

Ali Smith (1962- ):
Author · Subject

Valerie Solanas [1936-1988]:
Author · Subject

Gertrude Stein (1874-1946):
Author · Subject

Laurence Sterne (1713-1768):
Author · Subject

Chris Ware (1967- ):
Author · Subject

William Carlos Williams (1883-1963):
Author · Subject

Jeanette Winterson (1959- ):
Author · Subject

Virginia Woolf (1882-1941):
Author · Subject

Louis Zukofsky (1904-1978):
Author · Subject

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