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Open Access: Open Access Week

A guide to open access; understanding what it is, why it's important, and what you can do.

Open in Order To:

Introduction to Open Access Week

Established by SPARC and partners in the student community in 2008, International Open Access Week is a global, community-driven week of action to open up access to research. The event is celebrated by individuals, institutions, and organizations across the world. ASU Library has been participating in Open Access Week since 2009!

This year’s theme is an invitation to answer the question of what concrete benefits can be realized by making scholarly outputs openly available. “Open in order to…” serves as a prompt to move beyond talking about openness in itself and focus on what openness enables—in an individual discipline, at a particular institution, or in a specific context; then to take action to realize these benefits.

Open in order to increase the impact of my scholarship. Open in order to enable more equitable participation in research. Open in order to improve public health. These are just a few examples of how this question can be answered.

Stay tuned on The Library Channel, follow us on Twitter @ASULibraries, and join the international conversation with #OAWeek! Share your reasons for being Open using #OpenInOrderTo.

Open Access Week 2017

Virtual Events

World Bank and SPARC Panel (Watch Online)

Thursday, October 26 11:00-12:30 Arizona Time

The World Bank has chosen to celebrate with the theme “Open in order to end extreme poverty” – the World Bank’s mission and rationale behind its OA initiatives. Panelists from a variety of perspectives and organizations will share their thoughts on how OA activities contribute to their work and goals. We invite you to watch online and join the conversation. 

Opening remarks from:

  • Denis Robitaille, World Bank Group CIO and VP, Information & Technology Solutions


  • Thanos Giannakopoulos, Principal Librarian, United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library
  • Timothy Herzog, Data Scientist, The World Bank Group
  • Soazic Elise Wang Sonne, PhD research fellow, United Nations University (UNU-MERIT) in Maastricht, the Netherlands
  • Elisa Liberatori Prati (Panel Moderator), World Bank Group Chief Archivist
  • Nick Shockey (Audience Moderator), Director of Programs & Engagement, SPARC​


Open in Order to...share my work with the world!

This week is a great time to consider a better place for your work than unreliable academic social networks and repositories that have been purchased by publishers. Here is a selected list of new and upcoming disciplinary repositories that might be a great new home for making your work openly available and sharing it with the world.

Open In Order To

Hours and Locations