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Citation Research: Overview

How to find citation counts for your publications and how to find journal rankings such as impact factors.


This guide is designed to bring tools, information, sources and tutorials on citation research together in one place. The field of bibliometrics is increasingly being used to evaluate the impact of a scholar's work (citation counts and altmetrics) or to determine the importance of a journal within a particular field (impact factor).   We'll show you how to find bibliometric data and how to use it appropriately.

Getting Started


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How many times your article has been cited

 Article Citation Counts

How many times your book, conference paper, dissertation or patent has been cited

 Non-article Citation Counts

How many times your publications have been downloaded or mentioned in social media


Who is citing your articles

 Article Citation Counts

Who is citing your book, conference paper, dissertation or patent

 Non-article Citation Counts

Your H-index

 Article Citation Counts:

A journal's impact factor

 Journal Rankings

A journal's H-index

 Alternative Sources for Journal Rankings

Explanations of citation research concepts and terminology

 Terms & Definitions



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