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ENG 101/107

Citing Sources Guides

Citing Your Sources: How

Use this handout to help you write your Works Cited page in MLA 8th edition format. It provides examples of the types of sources you'll most likely be using in this course.

Citing Your Sources: Why & Where

Why should you cite your sources? 

1. To give credit to the original author when you directly quote someone else's words, or paraphrase their ideas, within the text of your paper.

2. Your statements are more credible when you back them up with authoritatiive sources.

3. To allow readers to easily locate the sources you used by providing a Works Cited page.

Where should you cite your sources?

1. Within the text of your paper, in parentheses after you quote or paraphrase a source. Include author's last name, and the page number (if given).

  • Example: (Jones 9)

2. In the Works Cited list at the end of your paper. Include complete information about the source.

  • Example: Jones, Jennifer. "Citing Sources is Important."  State Press 10 June 2009: 8-9. Print.

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