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Anthropology & Archaeology

A guide to library resources related to anthropology and archaeology.

Online Encyclopedias

Here are a some of our specialized encylopedias that are available online:

Encyclopedia of Archaeology: Covers all aspects of archaeology, including the nature and diversity of archaeology as a scientific discipline, the practice of archaeology, archaeology in the everyday world, and the future of the discipline.  

Archaeology in America: an Encyclopedia: Comprehensive reference of the most important and accessible archaeological digs in the United States and Canada.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican cultures: the civilizations of Mexico and Central America: Chronicles Pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern Mesoamerica, defined as the lands stretching from Mexico to the southern tip of Central America. 

Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology: Entries contain clear, concise and provocative explanations of key anthropological themes and ideas, as well as surveys of the most important ethnographic regions and regional traditions of ethnographic research. 

Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology: Describes the cultural practices relevant to health in the world's cultures and provides an overview of important topics in medical anthropology.

Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Human Evolution : A comprehensive A to Z encyclopedia covering human evolution and paleoanthropology. The publication includes thousands of entries; the included references are a valuable tool to enable further research.

ASU Library Catalog

Aztec Calendar

Aztec Calendar

From: Michael McCarty CC BY 2.0


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