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Be sure to search ASU's Library Catalog for titles. Here is a selection of books that may be on interest:

August, Jack L. Dividing Western Waters Mark Wilmer and Arizona V. California . Fort Worth, Tex: TCU Press, 2007. [Full Text available online]

Eddy, Frank W., and M. E. Cooley. Cultural and Environmental History of Cienega Valley, Southeastern Arizona . Tucson, Ariz: University of Arizona Press, 1983. Print.

Einberger, Scott. With Distance in His Eyes : the Environmental Life and Legacy of Stewart Udall . Reno, Nevada: University of Nevada Press, 2018. Print.

El-Ashry, Mohamed T., and Diana C. Gibbons. Water and Arid Lands of the Western United States . Cambridge [Cambridgeshire: New York, 1988. Print.

Fireman, Bert M. Arizona, Historic Land . 1st ed. New York: Knopf, 1982. Print.

Gammage, Grady. The Future of the Suburban City : Lessons from Sustaining Phoenix . Washington, DC: Island Press, 2016. Print.

Gober, Patricia., and Barbara. Trapido-Lurie. Metropolitan Phoenix Place Making and Community Building in the Desert . Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006. Print. [Full Text available online]

James, Timothy, Anthony John Evans, and Eva Madly. The Economic Impact of the Central Arizona Project to the State of Arizona . Tempe, Arizona: W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, 2014. Print. [Full Text available online]

Kupel, Douglas E. (Douglas Edward). Fuel for Growth : Water and Arizona’s Urban Environment . Tucson [Ariz: University of Arizona Press, 2003. Print.

Logan, Michael F. The Lessening Stream : an Environmental History of the Santa Cruz River . Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2002. Print.

Logan, Michael F. Desert Cities : the Environmental History of Phoenix and Tucson . Pittsburgh, Pa: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2006. Print.

Schipper, Janine. Disappearing Desert : the Growth of Phoenix and the Culture of Sprawl . Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2008. Print.

Walker, Henry P. (Henry Pickering), and Don. Bufkin. “Historical Atlas of Arizona .” Norman: University of Oklahoma Press 1986, Print. [Full text available online]

Ward, Evan R. (Evan Ray). Border Oasis : Water and the Political Ecology of the Colorado River Delta, 1940-1975 . Tucson [Ariz: University of Arizona Press, 2003. Print.

Webb, Robert H. Requiem for the Santa Cruz : an Environmental History of an Arizona River . Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2014. Print.

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