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Campus Sustainability Month 2022: A Library Display of Electronic Resources

A library display celebrating the ASU 2022 Campus Sustainability Month. The display includes electronic resources available at ASU Library, many of them are open access.

ASU Research

Cohen, M. et al. Aligning Public Participation to Stakeholders’ Sustainability Literacy: A Case Study on Sustainable Urban Development in Phoenix, Arizona. ASU Scholarship Showcase.

Cloutier, S. et al. Measures of a Sustainable Commute as a Predictor of Happiness. ASU Scholarship Showcase.

Middel, Ariane, et al. Cool Pavement Pilot Program: Joint Study between the City of Phoenix and Arizona State University. ASU Scholarship Showcase.

Nixon, Brittany. Translating Sustainable Values. School of Sustainability Graduate Culminating Experiences.

Norstrom, Albert V., et al. Three Necessary Conditions for Establishing Effective Sustainable Development Goals in the Anthropocene. ASU Scholarship Showcase.

Pradhan, Salomi, and Kristen Osgood. STERN PRODUCE: Developing Sustainability Metrics for “ARIZONA FRESH TOGETHER” Local Food Program. School of Sustainability Graduate Culminating Experiences.

Redman, A, & Redman, E. Is Subjective Knowledge the Key to Fostering Sustainable Behavior? Mixed Evidence From an Education Intervention in Mexico. ASU Scholarship Showcase.

Robèrt, K. et al. Analyzing the Concept of Planetary Boundaries From a Strategic Sustainability Perspective: How Does Humanity Avoid Tipping the Planet? ASU Scholarship Showcase.

Robinson, C. et al. Examining the Business Case and Models for Sustainable Multifunctional Edible Landscaping Enterprises in the Phoenix Metro Area. ASU Scholarship Showcase.

Schwarz, K., et al. Trees Grow on Money: Urban Tree Canopy Cover and Environmental Justice. ASU Scholarship Showcase.

Stoffo, Alessandra. Eat Well, Live Well: ASU’s First Major Event for Plant-Based Diets and Sustainability. School of Sustainability Graduate Culminating Experiences.

Turner, Natalie Ann; Kuta, Tiffany; Jones, Cassity; Boyer, Mackenzie; Ward, Kristen. Soiled: An Environmental Podcast. A six episode series that addresses common environmental topics and debunks myths that surround those topics.

The ASU Library acknowledges the twenty-three Native Nations that have inhabited this land for centuries. Arizona State University's four campuses are located in the Salt River Valley on ancestral territories of Indigenous peoples, including the Akimel O’odham (Pima) and Pee Posh (Maricopa) Indian Communities, whose care and keeping of these lands allows us to be here today. ASU Library acknowledges the sovereignty of these nations and seeks to foster an environment of success and possibility for Native American students and patrons. We are advocates for the incorporation of Indigenous knowledge systems and research methodologies within contemporary library practice. ASU Library welcomes members of the Akimel O’odham and Pee Posh, and all Native nations to the Library.