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Disability Policy and Studies

Broadcast Media

Specific Sources: Broadcast media

At first glance

By thinking about the purpose of the program, you can easily find information to begin evaluating it as a reliable source. This information may include:

What type of program was it?

  • News report, documentary, entertainment

What was the intention of the person who produced the show?

  • To inform, to entertain, to sensationalize

Who was the intended audience?

  • General public, children, professionals

Who presented the information?

  • An actor, a paid spokesperson, an expert in the field

Where was the program aired?

  • For example, if the program aired on public television this could add to the credibility of the source.

When was it produced?

  • Keep in mind that depending on your topic the age of the material may be important.

A closer look

By taking a closer look at the program, you can find additional information to help you evaluate it.

Do you think there was a bias in the presentation of the information?

  • Was the producer trying to influence your opinion?
  • Was their position a neutral one or were they representing a particular perspective?

Was the presentation of information balanced?

  • Did it present multiple viewpoints or just one?

How thoroughly did it cover the subject?

  • Did it give a general overview?
  • Was it an in-depth look on a single aspect of the subject?

How was the information presented?

  • Did the program include interviews with experts or witnesses?
  • Was the program a reenactment or actual footage of an event?



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