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Korean Studies

This guide serves as a guide to Korean Studies.

Korean Dictionaries & Grammar

Korean Online News Papers

  • KINDS (Korean Integrated Newspaper Database System)
    This is an integrated searchable database for newspaper articles in full-text since 1990 including: Kyŏnghyang sinmun(경향신문), Kungmin ilbo(국민일보), Naeil sinmun(내일신문), Tonga ilbo(동아일보), Munhwa ilbo(문화일보), Sŏul sinmun(서울신문), Segye ilbo(세계일보), Hangyŏre sinmun(한겨레신문), Han’guk ilbo(한국일보), Asia today(아시아투데이) and some English papers.  
    For 1960-1989, scanned images of the four major dailies, Kyŏnghyang sinmun(경향신문), Tonga ilbo(동아일보), Sŏul sinmun(서울신문), Han’guk ilbo(한국일보) are viewable by date.
    Also includes historic newspapers, some searchable as image or text.  Editorials are translated into English.

  • Naver News Library 네이버 뉴스 라이브러리
    This searchable database of major newspapers from 1920-1999 offers powerful full-text keyword searching, navigation functions, and three display options: the original text of mixed Hancha (Chinese characters) and Korean version of the text, and the original images. The image quality of even older issues is highly legible. As of January 2012, Tonga ilbo(동아일보), Kyŏnghyang sinmun(경향신문), Maeil kyŏngje sinmun(매일경제신문), and Han’gyŏre sinmun (한겨레 신문)are currently available. Yŏnhap news(연합뉴스) and Tongnip sinmun(독립신문) both Korean and English version scheduled to follow. While registration is required for detailed searching for domestic users in Korea, overseas academic institutions and libraries can register their IP addresses for direct access without the login and authentication process.

  • Korean historic  magazines and newspapers (한국근현대신문자료)
    This is an integrated database of many historic newspapers published from 1905-1931, offering browsable full images by specific dates.  The following newspapers are included, which are also searchable individually:  Kongnip sinbo 공립신보, Tonga ilbo 동아일보, Pusan ilbo 부산일보, Sidae ilbo 시대일보, Sinhan minbo 신한민보, Chayu sinmun 자유신문, Chosŏn chungang ilbo 조선중앙일보, Chosŏn sibo 조선시보, Chungang ilbo 중앙일보 (1931-1933), Chungoe ilbo중외일보, and Sinmun sŭk’ŭraep charyo 신문스크랩자료.

Database of Biographical Information

Romanization of Korean

  • CJK 中日韓 Scripts in HOLLIS
    Help documents for installing and East Asian IMEs on Windows systems and tips on searching for East Asian-language materials in HOLLIS. Also available under "Help" in HOLLIS.

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