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IEE 594: Industrial Engineering Graduate Seminar

Introduction to the ASU Library and literature searching.

Knovel is your first stop for finding engineering facts and formulas ...

The best resource for finding engineering information and data quickly is Knovel. Knovel is the full text of over 2500 science and engineering handbooks, manuals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and databases all located in one resource. Knovel is searchable by words as well as numeric and tabular data from the interactive graphs, tables and equations that Knovel has created from these resources.

Learn how to get the most out of Knovel:

How to Find Knovel from the Libraries' Home Page

To access the Knovel database from the Libraries' home page, click on "Research Databases" in the gray navigation bar, then "K" in the alphabet, find Knovel in the list of databases begining with "K" and click the "connect" link.



Try out Knovel now ...

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