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NTR 290 - Evidence Based Nutrition: Finding an Article

Relevant resources for Evidence-Based Nutrition gathered in one location

Finding the Full Text

Can you find the full text of this article?  If not, what should you do?

The TITLE of the article is Effect of protein/essential amino acids and resistance training on skeletal muscle hypertrophy: a case for whey protein

1. Log into the ASU Library through: 

  • MY ASU or
  • SIGN IN (top right corner) at https://lib.asu.edu using your ASURITE ID and password

2. Type the title of the article into the Library ONE Seach box (found on the home page). Click on "Search Library"

3. Select the correct article from the list. It may be listed more than once. Click on "Full Text Online" if it's available.

If the article does not list, check to be sure you didn't mistype the title. If its still doesn't show, ASU may not have full text.

However, there is another way to check:

The TITLE OF THE JOURNAL is Nutrition & Metabolism

1. Go to the ASU Library home page, click on the Grey "Journals" tab

2. Put the TITLE OF THE JOURNAL into the search box, next to "Journal begins with"

3. Click on "Find Journal"

4. A record or list of records will show if we own the title

Note: We have access to this title in 4 collections - you may access it through any of them. Check to be sure the year(s) you want are included in the link you choose. Click on the name of the collection e.g. Academic Search Premier. 

You will need to look for the year, click on it; look for the volume issue, click on it; then search through the issue for the specific article. This takes more time but you will get to the article if we have it. 

Order an Interlibrary Loan/ILL

If you see a link called "Citation Online" at the bottom of the citation, you may click on it and order a free InterLibrary Loan/ILL (actually a digital copy). You will need to set your preferences the first time you ask for an ILL.

You may also order an ILL for books, book chapters and any articles you want by choosing the Accounts tab from the library home page and choosing My Interlibrary Loan (ILLIAD) account. 

Once in the account, choose the type of media (journal article, book, etc.) from the left menu, then fill in the form.

TIMELINES: Most articles/book chapters come in digital copy within 24 hours. Physical items (books, DVD's, etc.) may take a week or so to arrive.

Evaluating Sources

Examine the following 3 web sources.

Evaluate & Discuss these resources with a partner.  Keep in mind the CRAAP Test
When was the information published or posted?
Who is the intended audience?
Is the author qualified to write on the topic?
What is the purpose of the information?

Peer Review

Read the following article.  For what reasons did this 'article' fail peer review?  What do you think the purpose and potential benefits of the peer review process are?
Fifth-Grade Science Paper Doesn't Stand Up To Peer Review

Is this article peer reviewed?
Endocrine response to resistance training in children

You try it!

Take your topic: Is Resistance Training Safe and Effective for Children?

1) What keywords will you use to search?

2) What synonyms can you think of for those keywords?

3) Try out a search in PubMed or another Research Database

4) Did you get some good results?  If not, what other keywords and/or search strategies could you use?

5) Try another search using some of the keywords, subject headings, or terminology you've noticed.  How are your results now?

6) Choose an article that is interesting and/or best relates to your research question.

7) Questions?  Problems?

  Contact your Health Sciences Librarian, or use Ask A Librarian!

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