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Creative Cartography

Cartographic exhibits featuring artworks by Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, School of Art students and hosted by the ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub.

Exhibit Summary

Using maps as a departure point, students in the Art on Paper course, Herberger Institute, School of Art, in collaboration with the ASU Library, are excited to share a virtual exhibition of works on paper as their response to the order and chaos, challenges and personal experiences, that have shaped the year 2020.

Opening Panel

Order and Chaos 2020 Exhibit

Artists and Artwork Gallery

Burrell Order

Brandon D. Burrell


AZ map and graphite

This work explores order through the creation of a portrait by following the lines of the topography in the map. The lines of the map and the lines of the drawing are unified and coexist in the same space.

Burrell Chaos

Brandon D. Burrell


AZ map, ink, and ink wash

This piece represents chaos with portraiture overlaid on the lines of the map. The marks of the portrait disregard the lines of the map entirely and the two are not in unity.

Browning Order

Dominique C. Browning


AZ map, marker, gel pen, and watercolor

The introduction of the mask into American culture has shaken the United States in a deep way that pitted anti mask believers and mask believers head to head. The order of the Samurai is a representation of the strict but overall protecting nature that wearing a mask is supposed to bring to those that choose to wear one.

Browning Chaos

Dominique C. Browning


AZ map, marker, gel pen, and watercolor

The Hannya mask is an ancient Japanese representation of female rage, jealousy, or intense emotion. During the course of 2020 quarantine, many women can relate to the introduction of these intense emotions into their lives and the chaos that it may have brought to their mental psyche.

Begay Order

Jessica Begay  


AZ map, acrylic, and pen

My piece focuses on the parts of life that are lived perfectly content, sometimes even mundane but spent happily. This piece represents the peace that occurs before a life-changing event occurs.

Begay Chaos

Jessica Begay 


AZ map, acrylic, and pen

This piece is about the unrest that occurs when something drastic in your life happens, causing an onslaught of chaotic emotions that come with dire situations. It represents the uncertainty of what actions to take when an event takes hold of your life.

Blanco Order

Angelica Blanco


AZ map, mixed media

Order envisions a thriving desert environment. The ecosystem is rendered through layers of water-based media atop a map of the desert’s location.

Blanco Chaos

Angelica Blanco


AZ map, mixed media

Chaos depicts a desert environment ravaged by climate change. The ecosystem is now rendered through frantic mark-making, the plants are barren, and the wildlife has vanished.

Chon Order/Chaos

Hearim J. Chon


AZ and CA maps, ink, and cut paper

My piece describes the emotions people can feel when finding a purpose in life. Figuring out one's existence can be full of uncertainty and each person handles the process differently. They may have a good idea of where they want to go, or they may have no clue whatsoever. Backlighting the piece with sunlight emphasizes the awe-inspiring and daunting experience of self-discovery.

Garcia Order

Selena Garcia


AZ map, Acrylic Paint 

My piece represents the hands of the Gods that keep the order of the Universe intact. The colors and imagery were inspired by the concept of Yin and Yang.

Garcia Chaos

Selena Garcia 


AZ map, Acrylic paint, Pastels

My second piece represents the hands of chaotic entities that influence the universe in chaotic and mischievous ways. The imagery is inspired by the organic flow of the map itself.

Guzman Order

Frida C. Guzman


I wanted to use the organic shapes created by the map to enhance the features of a phoenix. The freedom a bird evokes feels so powerful and serene which is why it encompasses the major components of order.

Guzman Chaos

Frida C. Guzman


For this piece I wanted to convey how destructive our actions can really be, especially given the circumstances of our world. Each action has the potential to lead to such a drastic domino effect which is why conscientiousness is key.

Haught Order

Leilani L. Haught


AZ map, watercolor, acrylic paint, ink pen, highlighter marker

During the pandemic, I have distanced myself from others by staying home. As the days go by, I stay cautious by having my mask ready and responsibilities in check before going out.

Haught Chaos

Leilani L. Haught


AZ map, watercolor, acrylic paint, ink pen, highlight marker

During the pandemic, I see other people having careless fun. It’s unsettling to see based on our current circumstances, but I can’t help but envy them.

Jordan Order

Silvia Jordan (Order)


Az Map, Acrylic Paint Markers, Ink

Despite a year of harrowing events that lead to division and chaos, there were still moments of hope, fun, and unity. 2020 was a year that proved that even in the most trying of times, there is still a way to enjoy what you have and connect with others.

Jordan Chaos

Silvia Jordan (Chaos)


Az Map, Acrylic Paint Markers, Ink

2020 started with fire in Australia and the fire has not gone down since. Riots, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the California fires all continue to ravage and consume our world.

Lau Order

Arcy Lau


Map, inktense blocks, pen, and alcohol markers

The stars do not wait for you, you might be in an undesirable spot now but in the future, but you can find your place in the universe soon.  My piece looks bleak at first with the person in the dark, but it can be a hopeful beginning.

Lau Chaos

Arcy Lau


Map, inktense blocks, pen, cut paper, and color pencils

My piece shows my current feelings on the possible future the world is heading towards. Because of all the built-up tensions from current events, Mother Earth’s head pops off.

Mikszta Order

Natalie Mikszta


AZ map, Gouache, Ink, Bristol Board

This piece is used to represent order and how when deciding a career or big life choice, the steps to success are simple and direct. The dreams that you strive for come with a pathway to get there, but the foreseen future of mistakes and disappointment have yet to present themselves.

Mikszta Chaos

Natalie Mikszta


AZ map, Gouache, Ink, Bristol board

This piece represents how chaotic pathways can get when trying to reach an important life goal. When striving to reach success, there are many bumps in the road and struggles to reach your desired goals. Sometimes the dream/goal you want to achieve gets lost in the process of trying to reach it.

Moore Order

Jenna Moore


AZ map, ink, watercolor, and acrylic

My piece focuses on the dream like state of Arizona that I once envisioned. The thought of what Arizona once felt like for me, with bright and contrasted colors.

Moore Chaos

Jenna Moore


AZ map, ink, watercolor, and cut paper

Different landscapes are layered and woven together to portray the emotions I currently feel. My piece represents the confusion I now feel with where I want to be in the world and in life. Arizona is no longer a place I envision for myself.

Murray Order/Chaos

Ransom Murray


World Map, ink, watercolor, and cut paper

Mother earth is fighting to correct the withering effects of humanity with the power of Native American symbols. My piece relates to the struggle between mother earth and humanity by the constant barrage and the overuse of resources, pollution, and overpopulation. Humanity attacks relentlessly and unconsciously to satisfy its every need.

Pinheiro Order

Luisa G. Pinheiro 

MAPPING THE CURE              

AZ map, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and cut paper        

My piece shows the cure for the current world pandemic. It showcases the worldwide magnitude of the issue with the solution as realizing that all of humanity is in this together.

Pinheiro Chaos

Luisa G. Pinheiro 


AZ map, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and cut paper        

My piece showcases the chaos of social isolation. It represents the mental battle many face during the pandemic, causing internal chaos.

Sevilla Order

Luis A. Sevilla


Fishing park maps, ink, watercolor, acrylic paint, spray paint, maker, cut paper

This artwork (order) describes me as a young twelve-year-old kid who likes to adventure in the parks. I had an energetic spirit where it would lead me to do reckless things such as climbing onto the playgrounds surface that wasn’t meant to be climbed on which leads the figure breaking out of the borders of the maps.

Sevilla Chaos

Luis A. Sevilla


Fishing park maps, ink, watercolor, acrylic paint, spray paint

This artwork (Choas) follows the events after the first picture where I take my recklessness into the forest and almost got lost. It was a scary experience for me as I was lost or a good hour until my family found me, luckly I wasn’t too far and stayed at one place.

Watts Order

Noah Watts


Map, ink, and marker

My piece shows the serenity of the future for one path of the two before us. It uses caricature to provide comic relief for a very serious topic.

Watts Chaos

Noah Watts


Map, ink, and marker

My piece shows the incoming chaos of the future for one path of the two before us. It uses caricature as a form of comic relief for a very serious topic.

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