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Creative Cartography

Cartographic exhibits featuring artworks by Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, School of Art students and hosted by the ASU Library.

Exhibit Summary

Using multi-media on topographic maps, the Art on Paper class in the Herberger Institute, School of Art presents an exhibition and visual discussion on change in self, culture, and nature. How have our interactions with others and our environment impacted who we are?

Opening Panel

Through Space and Time exhibit

Artists and Artwork

Artwork by Yujin Jung

Yujin Jung

Ink, Watercolor, Topographic map


My inspiration is emotions: nostalgia to the past and homesick. To show the change of time and space, I made a collage with 3 different maps representing different locations and colors that indicates different environments such as sea, mountains, and prairie. 

Artwork by Megan A Clark

Megan A. Clark

Topographic Map, Watercolor, Gloss Medium


Water is the life-blood of the planet, it supports the Earth and everything that lives on it the same way our blood and internal organs support us. Although we rarely think of it, we should give thanks for everything that that water does to sustain our planet. 


Artwork by Evie Bamsey

Evie Bamsey

Topographic Map, Watercolor Color Pencil and Graphite


An abstract cropping of mountains in the California Sierra Nevada mountains.

Artwork by Ange Jumawan McNeese

Ange Jumawan McNeese

Watercolor, ink and topographical maps


This piece comments on intense dynamics within relationships, illustrating a struggle between the warmth of security and becoming consumed.

Artwork by Farzaneh Hedayati

Farzaneh Hedayati

Acrylic color, Watercolor pencils


These days the only way I can see my sisters is to dream about them.

Artwork by Daniel Maxwell

Daniel Maxwell
97321 ALBANY

Topographic map and Ink

The things we build, if they survive time, age into produced landmarks. I layered the topography of the map over the Albany historic Hochstedler house to express this idea.

Artwork by Clayton Swenson

Clayton Swenson

Hi-Lighter, Ink, and Topographic map.

For this piece I wanted to articulate the endless cycle our national forests endure of burning and regrowth. At times intentional and at times accidental, but always under the supervision of humankind.

Artwork by Priya Thoresen

Priya Thoresen

Maps of New Jersey and Arizona, Watercolor


Accordion Book made from repurposed maps of New Jersey and Native American land in Arizona. This book contrasts the geographical and socioeconomic infrastructure of two different places through unlikely juxtaposition of segments of the maps and minimal use of color.

Artwork by Donell Schmacht

Donell Schmacht

Chalk Pastel on Topographic Map


This piece was inspired by the rest of my series that I have been working on for the past year. The path or lines themselves have to do with time traveled.


Artwork by Alexandra Thompson

Alexandra Thompson

Paper Cuts on Topographic Map


My piece looks at butterfly migrations; specifically, how they have followed the same flight path for thousands of years. Scientists have found that monarch butterflies will avoid a certain area on their journey, despite the land being flat, and have theorized that a mountain used to dominate the area many years ago. The butterflies were originally forced to fly around the mountain, though, despite the mountain being gone, the butterflies still avoid the location.

Artwork by T'sa Pittman

T'sa Pittman

Cut Paper and Topographical Maps


My piece transports the Amish tradition of quilt making out of early 20th century Pennsylvania, and places it into 21st Century American Southwest.

Artwork by Jarom McMahon

Jarom McMahon

Liquid Acrylic on Topographic Map


The White Sided Jack Rabbit is one endangered species in New Mexico. It is also one out of thousands worldwide. Unfortunately, many times nothing is done to help endangered species and eventually they go extinct.

Artwork by Jonathan R Wright

Jonathan R. Wright

Collagraph on Map 


It's an Abstract Collagraph print I did of the Newman Center on University. I was drawn to the historical and traditional features the center has.

Artwork by Mackenzie Hummel

Mackenzie Hummel

Map, Ink, and copic markers


Growing up and finding yourself can be an ugly process.

Kaela Meyer

Kaela Meyer

Topographic Map and paper cutting


When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which you have set in place… what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them? (Psalm 8:3-4)

Artwork by Megan Rhea

Megan Rhea

Topographic map, Paper collage


Inspired by the map monsters of medieval maps, these are some of the important cryptozoological landmarks of the United States.

Artwork by Juan Jose Oliveros Saldana

Juan Jose Oliveros Saldaña

Charcoal, Ink, Mylar, Topographic Map, Thread


Juan Jose Oliveros Saldaña, using line form and figure, explores the concept of personal development and change through interactions with individuals and environments.

Artwork by Juan Jose Oliveros Saldana

Juan Jose Oliveros Saldaña

Charcoal, Ink, Mylar, Topographic Map, Thread


Juan Jose Oliveros Saldaña, using line form and figure, explores the concept of personal development and change through interactions with individuals and environments.

Artwork by X-Avier Corrales

X-Avier Corrales

Ink on Topographic Maps


Through this piece, I wanted to explore themes of escape, change, and travel, but in a much more ambiguous light. Who is this girl? Why is she leaving? Is she going to chase her dream in the big city? Is she just trying to run away from home? Only she knows.

Artwork by Joshua Castaneda

Joshua Castañeda

Topographic map, Graphite and Colored Pencil


Three rivers is an exploration on the location on the map, once a home for nuclear testing. Showing change and evolution as well as emphasizing the death and destruction of evolution caused by man-made weapons of mass destruction.

Artwork by Isabel Cervantes

Isabel Cervantes

Topographic map, Paper, Watercolor, Ink, Pen


This piece addresses the never ending crossing of man-made borders. Taking only what they can carry, desperate people set out on an arduous journey through merciless lands.

Artwork by Christine Gin

Christine Gin

Pen and Ink on Topographic Map


Encroach [enkrohch] verb: To trespass upon the property, domain, or rights of another, especially stealthily or by gradual advances.

My piece explores the idea that humans have been encroaching upon the property and rights of animals. As time goes on humans are going to take more and more space, but if we take all the land where will the animals go?


Artwork by Viviana Lucia Ferreyra

Viviana Lucia Ferreyra

Topographic Map, Ink, and Watercolor


My inspiration comes from dream like illustrations and animals that can be found in Lake Ontario such as zebra mussels that are covering much of the lake area, and native fish such as coho salmon and walleye.

Artwork by Elisha Yuhl

Elisha Yuhl

Topographic map, Pen and Ink


Historically, monsters have been used in areas that had not been explored yet. Thus, ‘unsurveyed area’ has come to mean that monsters lurk here.

Installed Exhibit

Through Space and Time exhibit installation   Through Space and Time exhibit installation   Through Space and Time exhibit installation            





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