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Engineering (Basic)

A introductory guide to engineering and technology resources. Directed primarily at engineering undergraduates in ASU101 and lower-level engineering courses.


This guide introduces engineering students to the library and internet resources available to them at ASU.   Specifically designed for ASU 101 engineering students, students in lower level undergraduate engineering courses, and transfer students majoring in engineering.


The TABS on this guide contain:

Where to Find ... is a listing of the different types of information with links to instructions on how to find it. 

Academic Integrity contains information for both instructors and students about academic honesty, cheating, plagiarism and other related issues. 

Researching a Topic tells you what makes a good topic for a term paper, what you need to know about your topic before you can begin researching it, and then, how to research library material to find the information you need.   Also, there's free software that will help you stay organized during your library research as well as format your paper and bibliography into whatever style/format your instructor requests - we'll link you to it.

Getting Facts and Formulas tells you where to look to find those little bits of data/information that will help you solve a problem.   How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?  What is Young's modulus?  How would I calculate the thermal efficiency of a diesel engine?   

Library and Internet Resources is organized by the type of material; on each sub-page, we'll link you to the resources for that material type.  For example, once you learn that formulas may be found in handbooks, the "Library and Internet Resources -> Handbooks" page will tell you what engineering handbooks are available and link you to them.

Advanced Guides is a list of library guides for the specific areas of engineering.  Each of these guides is a more detailed listing of resources for those areas.

Self-Paced Tutorial

Introduction to Engineering & Library Resources

This short self-paced tutorial will introduce you to some of the best informational resources to use while a student here at Arizona State University, and lay a foundation for you as you seek out accurate information in your career as an engineer.

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