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Esri Software: ArcGIS Pro

* These products may not be used for any administrative, commercial, or profit-generating activities.**

** Prior to downloading the software check your computer's ability to run ArcGIS Desktop

  • Visit ASU MyApps
  • Find the latest version of ArcGIS Pro
  • Download the zipped ArcGIS Pro installation file package
  • Extract the zipped package
  • Run the software executable (.exe) file
  • Follow the steps prompted by the ArcGIS Pro Setup wizard

Sign into ASU's ArcGIS Online Organization using your ASURITE username and password:

Sign in using your ASURITE

**Already a member of ASU's ArcGIS Online Organization (with your ASURITE account)? Submit a Service Request form to the Map and Geospatial Hub requesting ArcGIS Pro **

Open your newly installed instance of ArcGIS Pro and log in

Animated gif of logging into ArcGIS Pro using the Enterprise LogIn method and entering your ASURITE ID

ArcGIS Pro is licensed using a Named User license that is authenticated using ASURITE credentials automatically when you sign into ASU's ArcGIS Online instance. Please make sure that you are using the "Enterprise LogIn" method and entering your ASURITE credentials.

If you are signing in using the "Enterprise LogIn" and still receive the following error message:

ArcGIS Pro license error

Please fill out the Map and Geospatial Hub's Service Request form and request an ArcGIS Pro license.

ArcGIS Pro has been developed for Windows Operating systems. The software can be installed and run on a Windows partition using Boot Camp. As of version 2.3, ArcGIS Pro cannot be run in a virtual environment using Parallels or VMware Fusion. For more information, please refer to the following blog for Esri's recommendations on hardware and for installing Pro on a Mac: Run ArcGIS Pro on a Mac.

Another option is the free open source GIS programs, QGIS, that is available for both Windows and Mac OSX.

The guide was created by staff at the ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub. For all geospatial software, data, map, or geographic imagery requests, please submit a Map and Geospatial Hub Service Request

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