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Web Searching Tips

When using web pages or documents for university research, you want to find quality sources, ones that are reliable and authoritative. Below are some tips for using the internet search engine Google to help you find quality sources. As you select your sources, you will need to examine them with a critical eye.

Google Advance Search  (under Settings

Domain Searching
With the Google Advanced Search you can limit your searches to specific kinds of sites, for example:

.org--for organizations of all kinds
.edu--for educational institutions
.gov--for government sites

You can also enter your keywords directly into the search box followed by the command site:[domain] no space between "site:" and domain (edu or gov).  

Examples (copy and paste in the search box):

immigrants "health care" site:gov
immigrants "health care" site:edu

Generally speaking, pages and documents from the kinds of sites listed above are more acceptable for university and "serious" research. Be warned - .org is no longer limited to just Not-For-Profit organizations. It may be used by anyone - beware of organizations you don't recognize or that appear to be selling a lot of products.

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