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Keeping Current

How to use journal alerts, RSS feeds, saved searches, and more to receive updates on the current literature in your research area

Table of Contents Alerts

Alerts are used mostly by journals to send you an email notification when a new issue has been released. Some journals also issue alerts when a new article is available online before the whole issue is complete. The email will usually replicate the table of contents with a link to each item within in the issue but could be just a simple link to the issue as a whole. Results from email alerts are best used when on-campus as the full text links in the email usually will not work from off-campus. To access the full text of articles/journal alerts from off-campus, use the "Libraries One Search" database (search by article title) or the "Journal Title Lookup" (search by journal title).

For each journal from which you want an alert, go to the journal's website using the Libraries' Journal Title Lookup. On the site, look for a link or button for "Alerts"; if one is not available, look under headings such as "My Profile", "My Account" or "My Settings". Many journals have some form of alerting service, but  how it is set up and what the alert involves varies from publisher to publisher and sometimes even titles from the same publisher may have different features available.

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Journal TOCs Aggregator

Try JournalTOCs - "Where researchers keep up-to-date."  "Journal TOCs is the largest, free collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs): 23,167 journals (including 7,034 selected Open Access journals) from 2123 publishers."

  • Email alerts and
  • RSS feeds

Individual Journal Title Example - Alerts for the journal: Lancet

For example, to set up a Table of Contents (or 'new articles') alert for the journal, Lancet, via the publisher Science Direct:

Use the ASU Library 'Journal' search to search for a specific journal title - the journal search is the journal tab on the myasu or libraries home page search box

From the Science Direct journal page of Lancet, click on 'Alert me about new articles'

Sign in to your Science Direct Account - or if you don't have one - Register for a new account

Now you are signed up for alerts for new articles from this journal!

Now you're signed up for alerts!

Manage your alerts via your account.

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Ways you can use Table of Contents alerts

If there are specific journals that publish information in your research field, set up a Table of Contents alert.  Whenever a new issue or new "articles ahead of print" become available online, you'll be notified.  

And as with Topic Alerts you can find out what new research is being published and who's doing the research. 

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