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Noble Library News

Keeping everyone informed about the remediation of Noble Library after the flood

Noble Library is open for business!

Come visit Noble library to see the results of the renovation!  Welcome back!

Disaster Strikes

On Friday March 6, the atrium sprinkler system in the Noble Library malfunctioned, flooding many public and staff areas of the building.  While the library collection (books, journals, maps, and other materials) was mostly unharmed, the facility sustained significant water damage to the flooring, walls, ceiling, furnishings, and elevators.  

The library was closed until August 13 for extensive repairs.

Workers cleaning up on the first floor of Noble Library on Friday March 6.
 (Photo: Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic; via AZCentral) 

How Do Sprinkler Systems Work?

There are several types of sprinkler systems for fire suppression.  The system that malfunctioned was a "deluge" type.    Learn more ...

Know More Risk: Four Types of Water Based Sprinkler Systems. (Video) FM Global, 2014 

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