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Popular Culture Studies

About the IsraPulp Collection

This research collection of Hebrew popular literature and pulps (established 2004) includes a few thousands of rare books and serialized pamphlets from the pre-State period (1928) to the present day, in a wide range of genres: Westerns (some take place in Arizona), detective stories, crime novels, science fiction, romance, comics, and non-canonical children's books. Cultural undercurrents, political interests, and content that would not have published in mainstream presses -- all are represented in this corpus.

Explore IsraPulp Collection titles on ASU Library's OneSearch (search "IsraPulp": Hebrew characters search enabled). Materials are housed in Distinctive Collections and may be viewed at any of the reading rooms by request: AskAnArchivist.

IsraPulp Collection: Hebrew Popular Literature

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About the Collection

Hebrew Popular Literature

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