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Streaming Video: Other Collections

Provides descriptions and links to licensed, internet, and pay-per-view streaming video resources


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A digital collection of nearly 9000 vintage television commercials and animatics (animated story boards) from the ad agency D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles (DMB&B).  This database is hosted by the Duke University Libraries Digital Collections Program in partnership with the Hartman Center.

Note: Videos are accessible in the AdViews website, the Internet Archive, or iTunesU from Duke University.  The Internet Archive and iTunesU access points permit users to download files to desktop and mobile devices.

Ambrose Digital

Connect to Ambrose Digital portal

Ambrose Digital is the entry portal for streaming video licensed from Ambrose film distributors.  Once connected to the portal connect to the specific film/series.

Titles available to ASU from Ambrose Digital include:


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BBC Shakespeare Plays

Television adaptations of all 37 plays by William Shakespeare, produced by British Broadcasting between 1978 and 1985. All productions are traditional interpretations of the plays set in either Shakespeare's own time (1564 to 1616) or in the historical period of the events depicted (such as ancient Rome for Julius Caesar, or c1400 for Richard II etc). Casts include notable classic actors such as John Gielgud, Patrick Stewart, Anthony Hopkins, Bob Hoskins, Jane Lapotaire.

The site lists titles alphabetically.

Videos stream in Flash with chaptered access to acts.

For instructions on how to link to videos from this collection within Blackboard see Linking Videos in Blackboard



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History of Christianity

This BBC co-production with the Open Univerisity and Jerusalem Productions is a 6 part series examining the origins of Christianity and delving into what it means to be a Christian. The series uncovers how a small Jewish sect that preached humility became the biggest religion in the world. The series includes subjects from Palestine in the first century to India in the third, from Damascus to China in the seventh century and from San Francisco to Korea in the twentieth.

For instructions on how to link to videos from this collection within Blackboard see Linking Videos in Blackboard

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online Academic Edition

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online Academic Edition

Provides a Media Browse function by broad subject area with the ability to further narrow the topic and select Images or Videos.

JoVE - Journal of Video Experiments

Connect to JoVe - Journal of Visualized Experiments

This web-based, peer-reviewed journal publishes scientific protocols in video format. JoVE coordinates camera crews from around the world to visit research labs and film scientists performing procedures ranging from the basic DNA isolations to multi-step animal surgeries. The journal publishes monthly and each issue features 15 videos.

Indexed by PubMed.

Media Education Foundation

Connect to Media Education Foundation videos

Many of the Media Education Foundation videos in the ASU Library collection on DVD are also available as streaming videos. These videos include such well known titles as Killing Us Softly, Dreamworlds, and Advertising and the End of the World

Not all Media Education Videos are in the ASU Library collection; not all MEF titles in the collection are available for streaming.  Titles available as streaming video have catalog records with links to view the files online.  Accessing the online file requires sign-in/authentication with ASURite ID and password.

Many of the Media Education Foundation videos have alternative versions, edited for length or adult content.


Connect to NBCLearn

NBC News offers unique collections of video resources, primary sources, historic footage, images, mini-documentaries and text resources designed for use in the classroom.

OntheBoards TV

Connect to OntheBoards TV

OntheBoards.tv is an on-demand website for HD-quality contemporary performance films available for streaming. It includes full-length performances of plays and dance, produced at an experimental theater in Seattle, Washington.

Founded by artists in 1978, the mission of On the Boards is to introduce audiences to international innovators in contemporary dance, theater and music while developing and presenting new work by promising performing artists in the region. Throughout its history On the Boards has presented and premiered performances by internationally recognized artists such as Laurie Anderson, Bill T. Jones, Spalding Gray, The Wooster Group, Needcompany, Sankai Juku, Romeo Castellucci and many others.

Television News Archive

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Television News Archive

The world's most extensive and complete archive of television news, recording, preserving and providing access to television news broadcasts of the national networks since August 5, 1968. The Archive's collection also includes news coverage of significant events broadcast outside the scope of the regular evening news programs. This part of the collection focuses on the U.S. presidential politics, including political conventions, election coverage, and speeches and press conferences of the President currently in office. The Special Reports collection also includes coverage of major national and world events and major military conflicts involving the U.S.

This icon of a video camera  Video camera  identifies entries that include streaming video.  Streaming videos have a one week embargo from date of original broadcast.

All entries include a persistent link to the database record. 

For other entries, individuals can request loans of items from the collection for reference, study, classroom instruction, and research. Fees apply for the loan service.

For instructions on how to link to videos from this collection within Blackboard see Linking Videos in Blackboard

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