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Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy

"The Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy is a research and training center affiliated with the College of Public Programs at Arizona State University."


Specific Sources: People

At first glance

By thinking about your contact with the person, you already have information to begin evaluating them as a source. This information may include:

Who is the person?

  • What is their expertise?

Opinion or research

  • Did the person share their opinion with you? Did the person provide the results of their research?


  • Was your contact a casual conversation, formal interview, or lecture?

A closer look

By learning more about the person, you can find additional information to help you evaluate them as a source.

Can you verify their information from another source?

  • This will add credibility to their statements.

Do you think the person was biased?

  • Were they trying to influence your opinion?
  • Was their position a neutral one or were they representing a particular perspective?
  • Were they trying to sell you something?

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