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One Search

This guide includes instructions for using ASU Library One Search.

May 2020 update - Save your saved searches!

On Monday, May 11, 2020, we will update Library One Search (Primo) to a new version and implement several changes that provide many benefits to you and our staff.


Notice: Saved searches will be cleared

In One Search, you can save items and save searches.


Saved searches

Save searches using the Save Query button below the search box (must be signed in). 

Saved Searches will not transfer to the new version of One Search and will be cleared on May 11, 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience. 


Saved items/records

Save items using the Pin icon. Screenshot of Action Tools Layout

Saved Items (also called records) will transfer to the new version of One Search.


View your saved searches

To view your current saved searches, select the Saved Searches tab under My Favorites. We recommend saving a screenshot of your saved searches to re-create them after the system update.

To receive a list of your saved searches, or for help recreating your searches, please submit a ticket


Benefits for library users

  • Updates to items are viewable within 15 minutes
  • Search within a journal directly from a journal result
  • More flexibility over styling and functionality of the “Get It” and “View It” sections of item record
  • Accessibility and User Interface improvements, such as allowing searches with multiple resource type conditions (coming soon) and splitting Audio and Video resource types in search facets, instead of a single Audio Visual type (also coming soon)
  • Narrow down results by a new Genre filter


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