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ASU Library Digital Credentials

ASU Library is launching a new digital credentials service that will enable faculty to integrate credentials into Canvas.

Instructions for Earning Digital Credentials

Instructions for Earning Digital Credentials

ASU Library has created a series of digital credentials you can complete to prove you have mastered specific skills and gained specific knowledge. 

To earn a credential:

  1. Locate the self-enroll link for the credential(s) you want to complete (see the Self-Enroll Links tab). The link will take you to a Canvas shell that contains the required tutorials and assessments
  2. Enroll in the Canvas shell and complete the required activities and assessments. Badgr will automatically award you the credential as soon as you meet the course requirements. 

Additional Badgr Information

If you would like more information about the Badgr tool and ASU's digital credentialing pilot, please see the Badgr Student Help Resources website, which is maintained by the University Technology Office.

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