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Research Data Management

Designed to familiarize faculty and other researchers with the growing literature on research data management services at ASU and abroad.

Research Data Management and Sharing Support

Diagram of the research lifecycle

The ASU Library provides support for data management planning and sharing, open access and open data publishing, copyright and rights management which foster reproducible and responsible research. This guide provides a number of resources including

  • How to get Library Researcher Support 
  • Information on data requirements for National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and National Endowment for the Humanities.
  • Directory of discipline-specific repositories for research data
  • A data management plan (DMP) checklist to help you get started
  • Guidance on best practices for managing, sharing, and citing research data.

The next pages provide information to help:

ASU Library Researcher Support

Research Data Sharing and Management is supported by ASU Library Researcher Support

We connect researchers with experts and resources from the ASU Library to assist you with all of your research and publishing needs. Researcher Support offers guidance across the research lifecycle, everything from planning to data storage, in an effort to maximize the quality, productivity and accessibility of ASU research.

Our team provides support for data management planning, open access and open data publishing, copyright and rights management and more. We have experts and resources in assessing your information need, identifying partnerships,  evaluating publications and author agreements, fulfill grant requirements, provide access to primary resources, and preserving and archiving your work.

Contact us for help with your project and publishing your research data

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