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Research Data Management

Designed to familiarize faculty and other researchers with the growing literature on research data services at ASU and abroad.

Why Share Your Data?

In addition to funding agency requirements for the preservation of data, there are many reasons to share your data including: 

  • Possible increased citations
  • Encourage enquiry and debate
  • Provide greater exposure to data
  • Possible future research collaboration
  • Provide resources for education and training. 

For more information on sharing data, visit the UK Data Archive's Planning for Sharing page. 

Licensing Data

Where can I put my data?

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Manage your research and share your supplementary materials and data with ASU OSF, a free scholarly web tool that enhances transparency, fosters collaboration, and increases the visibility of research at the institutional level at Sign in with with ASU authentication and get started today or contact ASU Library Research and Publication Services to learn more about ASU OSF.

There are a variety of domain repositories that are a natural home for your data. You can also increase the exposure of your data and collaboration opportunities for your research by depositing in a disciplinary repository. Search The Registry for Research Data Repositories ( to find the best fit for your work. Some repositories have fees associated with storing your files so include those costs in your project proposal.

ASU has in-house options such as The Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR), an international archaeological digital archive and repository by the Center for Digital Antiquity

The Digital Archaeological Record

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