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Global Technology Development

This is a guide to resources in field of Global Technology Development.

E journals related to Global Technology Development

Annual Review of Sociology  - Annual review focusing on sociology and related topics.

Business Strategy Review  - Research and analysis of the global business environment and represents some of the most relevant and important work on contemporary issues such as globalization; strategies to exploit information and network technology; business strategies for Europe; and innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Development and Change  - Development and Change has established itself as one of the most important journals in the field of development studies and social change. Truly interdisciplinary, it is devoted to the critical analysis and discussion of the complete spectrum of current development issues. It occupies a unique position in the field, covering a broad range of topics and publishing articles from all the social sciences and all intellectual persuasions concerned with development.

Economic Development and Cultural Change  - Articles on economic and social forces that affect development and the impact of development on culture.

Ends and Means: Journal of the University of Aberdeen Centre for Philosophy, Technology & Society  - The electronic journal of philosophy and technology. Full text of the articles may be found by searching for the publication title: Ends and means  at

Ethics and Information Technology  - Articles on the social and ethical dimensions of emerging information technology.

First Monday  - Multidisciplinary Internet–only, peer–review journal about the Internet and related topics.

Futures  - Articles concerned with medium and long-term futures of cultures and societies, science and technology, economics and politics, organisations and corporations, environment and the planet and individuals and humanity.

Information Society  - Articles on information and its impact on society, informatics.

Information Technologies and International Development  - Articles focusing on the intersection of information and communication technologies (ICT) with international development. NOTE: A password is required to access full-text of this journal. Contact the library for information.

Information Technology People  - Articles on information technology and deciding how it will be used, examining the emergent forms of organizations and technology as they interact.

Information Technology for Development  - Articles on the use of information technology's role in development.

International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy  - Articles covering sociology and social policy as well as the effects of the implementation of past approaches and strategies.

International Organization  - Articles on economic policy issues, security policies,and other aspects of international relations and foreign policy.

International Security  - Articles on aspects of the control and use of force, from all political viewpoints.

International Studies Perspectives  - Articles on how policy is and can be informed by scholarly research, policy-relevant research in the field by international studies scholars.

International Studies Quarterly  - Articles on on foreign policy, comparative politics, and international affairs.

Issues in Science and Technology  - Issues in Science & Technology is a forum for discussion of public policy related to science, engineering, and medicine. This includes policy for science (how we nurture the health of the research enterprise) and science for policy (how we use knowledge more effectively to achieve social goals), with emphasis on the latter. Past issues only available online.

Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis  - Articles on policy and analysis.

Journal of Economic Growth  - Articles on economic growth and dynamic macroeconomics.

Journal of Human Development  - Articles on concept and in practice, a strategy towards people-centred development.

Journal of World Trade  - Global trade and marketing

OECD Observer - 'The OECD Observer magazine presents concise, up-to-date and authoritative analysis of crucial world economic and social issues. Since 1962 it has been keeping policymakers, business people, NGOs, researchers and journalists ahead of the policy debate. It is a catalyst for new discussion and ideas. Every edition is bolstered by key tables and graphs.'

Perspectives on Global Development & Technology  - Quarterly journal covering economics, international relations, and sociology

Population and Development Review  - Articles on interrelationships between population and socioeconomic development and discussion of related issues of public policy.

Public Culture  - Ethnographies and analyses of the cultural studies.

Review of Economic Studies  - Articles on aspects of economics.

Review of Economics and Statistics  - Articles on economics with an emphasis on the study of economic statistics.

Review of International Political Economy  - Articles on international relations, economics, politics, geography, sociology and cultural studies.

Review of International Studies  - Articles on international relations and related fields such as politics, history, law, and sociology.

Studies in Conflict and Terrorism  - An international journal about the study of social conflict and terrorism.

Technological Forecasting and Social Change  - The methodology and practice of technological forecasting and future studies as planning tools as they interrelate social, environmental and technological factors.

Technology Culture  - Technology and Culture is the preeminent journal for the history of technology.

Technology in Society  - Technology in Society is an international journal devoted to a range of interdisciplinary fields related to all aspects of technology.

Third World Quarterly  - The journal of emerging areas - politics and government.

World Bank Economic Review  - World economics, quantative development policy analysis.

World Bank Research Observer  - Peer reviewed, develoment economics and developmental policy.

World Development  - The Multi-Disciplinary International Journal Devoted to the Study and Promotion of World Development.

World Politics  - A well respected journal of research articles on theoretical and empirical world politics, review articles, and research notes on international relations and comparative politics. It does not cover current politics and policies.


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