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ASU Library Resource Organizer

This Library Guide has been designed for instructors and instructional designers to learn how to create and use the ASU Library Resource Organizer tool in Canvas.

What Happened to the Course Reserves department and "Reading Lists"?

In 2021, ASU Library implemented a rebranding of the department that assists with Course Resource Services. Two major changes were implemented:

  1. The deparment still exists but we changed our name from Course Reserves to being referred as "Course Resource Services" or "CRS" for short!
  2. The Leganto Reading List tool (ASU Library Reading List tool) was also changed and is now referred to as the Resource Organizer/ ASU Library Resource Organizer tool. 

Despite these changes, Course Resource Services is still available and happy to help with the Resource Organizer tool and other CRS needs! 

Do I Resend a List When Content is Added?

Yes, resend the list when you add content. The Course Resource Services staff will process it and let you know when the new items are available. 

Can I Suppress Readings Until I Want Students to See Them?

Yes, a section or a ciatation can have visibility dates added to prevent students from seeing the resources.

  1. Setting Section Visibility Dates:

    1. Go to the section that students should not see and click on the elipses, 'Open Options Menu'

    2. Select 'Edit Section' in the options menu to open the section editor.

      1. Set the desired dates and check the box, 'Section visible only during these dates':

      2. Students will not be able to see the section until the visibility dates are removed.

    3. Click Save to update the section visibility dates.

  2. Setting Section Visibility Dates:

    1. Open the item you want to suppress in full view and click the elipses, 'Open options menu':

    2. Choose 'Edit item' to open the editor:

    3. Scroll towards the bottom of the editor to 'Display Citation' and set the desired visibility dates. There is also the option to only suppress materials (PDFs and other files uploaded to the citation) and keep the citation visible by setting visibility dates in the 'Display Materials' field:

      1. Students will not be able to see the citation or the citation materials until the visibility dates are removed.

    4. Click Save to update the citation visibility dates.



Can I Manage My Citations in One Area?

Yes, users can manage their citations in their My Collection area of the Resource Organizer tool. Visit ExLibris's overview article on My Collection.

Can an Issue with a Resource be Reported to Library Staff?

Yes, issues with resources on a reading can be reported within the Resource Organizer tool and ASU Library Course Resource Services staff will be notified and follow up with the reporter as needed. Users can follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the citation title in the resource organizer to view the resource's additional information. Under 'Links & Availability', click on "Mark as broken":

  2. A box will pop up with the following message: "Are you sure your want to mark this link as broken?..." Click 'OK':
  3. A report will be sent to Course Resource Services staff to investigate the issue. Users will be notified if the issue has been fixed or followed up for further investigation:








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