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Guide to sources of accounting, auditing and tax information

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Company/Industry Research Flowcharts
Refer to these flowcharts for a visual overview of the research process with links to the basic recommended sources.


The scope of this guide covers accounting, auditing, and tax research. 

Source recommendations have been grouped to provide the following types of information from which you may select.  See the SOURCES tab for more detailed contents descriptions.

Where to start:

  • To find a particular accounting or auditing standard document, or to find the standards that apply to a specific situation along with guidance in their interpretation and application, see Standards and Guidelines.
  • For explanations of accounting, auditing, and tax terms or methods, see:
  • To learn how to research a topic, see:
    • "Ten Steps to Accounting Research" under the TUTORIALS tab, Accounting Research section, for a description of the process and the type of sources to use in each step
    • CCH and Checkpoint Training options under the TUTORIALS tab, Accounting Research section, for videos and recorded webinars demonstrating the process in those databases
  • To research tax laws and accepted practice, see the "Tax Requirements" section under the Taxation source recommendations.

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