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ENG 302: Business Writing: Business Plans

Guide to library resources for the ENG 302 Business Writing Program

Business Plans

Business plans can be simple or complex. For this class, it is better to be simple. Follow the basic outline provided by these sources, but try not to add too much detail. This can form the foundation of a business plan should you decide to actually start the business later.

As part of your business plan, you will need to do research on the industry your business will be in.  The general information on industries is found in the Industry Overview.

You will also need information on the top companies in the industry or companies you consider to be major competitors. Use the Company Profiles and Financials to find this information. Remember that smaller and privately owned companies are more difficult to research. If you have a choice in the major competitors, research the one that is publicly owned.

Sample business plans can be found in many places. The simple ones with a style best suited for this class are in

Business Plans Handbook (use this link to get to the paper & online books)
    in Gale Virtual Reference Library (this will link to the ebooks)
This multi-volume set of actual business plans is found inside the Gale Virtual Reference Library.  Once in, enter the keywords for your business in the "Search this series" entry box under Tools on the upper right. Note that the library owns more volumes in the set found in ebook form than in print.

If you are serious about starting a business, then some of the best places to get started are:

SBA.gov's Writing a Business Plan.
The US Small Business Adminstration (http://www.sba.gov) provides a wealth for helpful information on how to write a business plan.

Arizona Entrepreneur's Edge

Small Business Checklist
These items are provided by the Arizona Commerce Authority. The first item is the "How to start a business in Arizona" guide. The second item is online step by step instructions and help with setting up a business in Arizona. 


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