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ENG 302: Business Writing

Guide to library resources for the ENG 302 Business Writing Program


Some types of business documents that students will learn to write are career related.  These include résumés, cover letters, portfolios, and company profiles of potential employers. Or the assignment may be to write a report or make a presentation on a business profession or career. This section provides sources of information that will be useful for these writing projects. The tabs are divided by topic areas.


Career exploration involves two types of sources presented on this page:

  • Occupational information for information on the education and skills required and the typical work environment
  • Self-assessment tools for matching personal traits to occupational requirements


For overviews on various occupations, consult the following reference works:

  1. Career Information Center (online - ASU only)
  2. CareerOneStop: Occupation Profile (online)
  3. Occupational Outlook Handbook (online)

For professional associations that may include career information on their website, try this directory:

Associations Unlimited (online)

For library books on specific occupations (in print and online):

  • Use the advanced keyword search
  • Type in "VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE" followed by the occupation. 
  • Click the Submit button. 

Note that the asterisk allows you to search for all words beginning with account, including: accounting, accountancy, and accountant.

For career paths open to graduates in selected business specialties, click on the links below:

For all majors take a look at What Can I Do with This Major


  1. CareerOneStop: Self Assessments  (online)
  2. Arizona Career Information System (AzCIS) (online)
    Username: asucareer; Password: 4azcis02

There are several types of résumé styles to choose from when starting out to create one for yourself, such as: chronological, functional, academic vita, or electronic résumé.  Some books may cover one or two styles, while others may cover a wide variety of them.  Besides describing how to prepare a résumé, some books also incorporate many sample résumés of various types designed for different situations.

Click on the links below to see a list of:

Here are some sample résumé books emphasizing different types of content:

Cover letters are an essential tool for convincing employers to give their attention to your application or resume.  The library has many books, in print and online, that discuss how to write a good cover letter and provide examples of model letters.

Click on the links below to see a list of:

Here are some sample books emphasizing different types of content:

Portfolios have become a popular tool for showcasing a person's experience and accomplishments.  Here are a few resources that will explain how to create one for yourself.


Use the CareerOneStop: Employment Trends by Industry and Occupation website to learn which industries hire particular occupations. Search for those industries in these directories to find companies that are potential employers or simply search for known companies of interest by name to find their contact information.

  • Mergent Intellect (database-ASU access only)
    Searches companies worldwide by name, type of business or industry, and location. Includes names and titles of management contacts. The database also has a "Job Search" feature that automates the process of linking occupations to the industries that employ them and the companies within those industries, but note the coverage is limited to companies in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
  • Nexis Uni (database-ASU access only)  
    • To search by company name, use the Company Dossier search form
    • To search for companies in a specific industry and location, go to Company Dossier and click on the "Create a Company List" tab 
  • Additional company directories are listed in the Business and Economics Databases guide.


  • Company Profiles and Financials - Use the sources recommended in this section to find background and financial information on the companies you have selected.
  • Articles and News - Use the business and newspaper article databases recommended in this section to find current news and analysis on the company. For small private companies, articles in local newspapers may be the only source of information.
  • Industry Overviews - Use the sources recommended in this section to find information on the industry in which the companies you have selected operate and identify the top competitors in the field to get a feel for the opportunities and obstacles the companies face.

Being prepared for potential questions at a job interview is always a smart move. The library has many books, in print and online, that discuss how to prepare for an interview and provide examples of possible questions and effective answers.

Click on the links below to see a list of:

Here are some sample books emphasizing different types of content:

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