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ENG 302: Business Writing: Interviews

Guide to library resources for the ENG 302 Business Writing Program


Some assignments may require interviewing individuals employed in a particular industry or who are experts in that field.  To assist with these assignments, there are resources that can help you locate individuals to interview, find background information on the individuals or their industries, and learn how to conduct the interview itself.

Note: For job interviewing, see the Careers section.

Find an individual to interview at a company or professional organization using one of these sources:

  1. Mergent Intellect (database-ASU access only)
    Formerly known as Hoover's Online, this searches companies by name, type of business, and location. Includes names and titles of management contacts.
  2. Associations Unlimited (database-ASU access only)
    Searches local, national, and international organizations including professional associations.
  3. Arizona Professional Associations and Organizations  (online)

To find some background information on the individuals selected for interviewing and the related industries and occupations, try some of these sources.


  1. Nexis Uni - Biographical Information Search  (database-ASU access only) 
    Finds biographical sketches in reference sources like Who's Who.
  2. Nexis Uni - Find an Executive  (database-ASU access only)
    Searches biographical business sources, news articles, SEC filings, congressional testimony, and court cases for information on executives.
  3. Mergent Intellect (database-ASU access only)
    Contains short biographies for officers and directors of public companies.



  1. Career Information Center (database-ASU access only)
  2. CareerOneStop: Occupation Profile (online)
  3. Occupational Outlook Handbook (online)


Use the sources recommended in the Industry Overviews section to find information on the industry in which the companies you have selected operate to get a feel for the business environment and the connections with customers, suppliers, support services, and regulators.

  1. Interviewing for Class Projects (online)
  2. Interviewing  (online article-ASU access only)
    This is a chapter from Reporting for Journalists. For non-journalists, the more relevant parts of this article start on the fourth page with the section on "Asking the Questions."

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