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MKT 303: Honors Marketing Theory & Practice


First, go to the brand or company web site (not the corporate one).

Check to see how many brand extension there are. Mars Inc, a private company, has different web sites for each of their brands - M&Ms, Uncle Ben's, Pedigree, Whiskas, etc. These all have their own web sites separate from the Mars Inc. The Mars Inc page does have a list of brands:

Check Mintel Academic Reports for the market of the product line.

Check Passport for any market data or analysis of the market for the product line.

Check Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions for categories of owners or buyers. Sometimes the sheer numbers of potential customers in the market are helpful in this area.

You might want to each go to a local store to see product placement on the shelf (shelf space & height) and check the price. Get permission before taking a picture of the store display (you don't want to be suspected of corporate espionage). Go to specialty and general stores. If it is in a grocery store, try more than one chain in different economic neighborhoods.

Check both ABI/Inform and Business Insight: Global  search for your brand and the markets:

    Whiskas AND markets

Some brand names are regular words and can result in many false hits. For those do something to narrow it down:

   Pedigree AND "dog food" AND markets

   "Pedigree brand" AND markets

Collect advertisements on the web, print, and TV/cable. If you can get it, you can do radio, too. Not all stations have full recordings of specific broadcasts. Keep track of where & when you found the ad. Name the show or web site it was linked to.

Check for coupons. (Sunday &, locally, Wednesday are the big inserts & coupon days in newspapers, Tuesday is the coupon mailers)


Hours and Locations