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What Are Zines?

First things first, it's pronounced zeen. Zines, short for magazines, are independent, usually photocopied small press books. They resemble pamphlets and are not usually made in large batches. They can contain a wide variety of content and subjects such as poetry, political issues, social activism, LGBTQ, Chicano culture, and more. Zines are usually independently distributed by hand or through various zine distributors around the country and world. Oftentimes zines are traded or sold at zine fests or through an online presence. Zines are not made for profit, they are made as a form of self expression. Zines typically present ideas/ art that you will not find in the mainstream media. 

Our zine collection is a small one aiming to provide a glance into this form of alternative press. We have zines with origins in Arizona and California, touching on themes such as gang violence, poetry, artwork, prison culture, LGBTQ. Zines may serve as primary source material for research on local communities and social issues, and art.

The zine community at ASU is gearing up for a new pilot collection at Hayden Library, collaborative activities sponsored by the Institute for Humanities Research, and Fall classes. Come join us!

* This library guide was made with the help of Yolanda Contreras, a student intern and zine author. 

Fall 2020 Classes

PHX ZineFest

Phoenix Zine Fest: The first PHX Zine Fest was celebrated on October 23, 2016. It became an annual event celebrated each Fall. 

Hours and Locations