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Zine Fests

The PHX ZineFest, first celebrated in 2016 and became an annual festival since. The Phoenix Zine Fest is attended by hundreds of visitors and vibrant group of Do It Yourself small press publishers. 


San Francisco Zine Fest: Founded in 2001, seeks to advance the do-it-yourself ethos by fostering community throughout the Bay Area. In our annual weekend-long festival and its accompanying panels and workshops, we celebrate and support independent writers, artists and creators, allowing them to share their work with an ever-growing audience in exhibitions and public events.

L.A. Zine Fest: Organized by a collective of zine-enthusiasts dedicated to promoting zine culture as a means to connect the pre-exisiting communities in L.A.–artistic or otherwise. We aim to create opportunities for people to share self-published works and host events that encourage ideas to spill out onto paper in pictures and words.

Portland Zine Symposium: A free 2-day zine conference and social covering all facets of zine making and DIY culture. This event has been held in Portland, Oregon every summer since 2001 and hosts over 150 tablers from around the world each year, as well as many free workshops, panels, and discussions.

NYC Feminist Zine Fest: This festival focuses on feminist issues and activism.

DC Zine Fest: An independent event organized to provide a space for zine makers, self-published artists and writers to share their work with each other and the Washington D.C. community. We hope to support a community that is based in do-it-yourself practices and ethics through providing the opportunity to expo, workshop, and hang out with zines.

Bristol Comic & Zine Fair: Founded in 2011 to give artists interested in self-publishing a chance to sell their work and to invite new audiences to see what the UK’s vibrant DIY arts scene is up to.

Zine Distros

Wasted Ink Zine Distro (Phoenix, AZ)


ZineWiki: An open-source encyclopedia devoted to zines and independent media. It covers the history, production, distribution and culture of the small press.

"Look Mum!" Zine Distro: "To make it simple I distro stuff I like, which includes, Per Zines, Zines about sex work, Art Zines, Queer Zines, Sex Zines, practical radical zines, anarchist zines.... the list goes on but have a look at our stacks for a better idea."

Brown Recluse Zine Distro: Was created to support and center zines written predominantly by POC folks of all identities. This project was born out of passion for zines and frustration at the lack of representation and meaningful zine material for People of Color.

The Grand Newsstand: A modern newsstand, conveniently perched on San Francisco's main thoroughfare. Stocked with predominately local publications, ranging from art, zines, politics, diy, music, poetry, news, and beyond.

 La Chupacabra Anarchist Zine Distro: La Chupacabra is a zine collective focusing on revolutionary, decolonial, autonomous/anarchist zines, books and stickers based in Oakland, Califas.

Stranger Danger Zine Distro: Stranger Danger is a zine distro based out of Chicago that carries feminist zines, queer zines, trans zines, POC zines, & more—zines about identity, home, disabilities, friendship, survival, etc etc.

Credit: Nicki Sabalu, "How to Make a Zine"

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